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My Cloudian Card

AJ Myth

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[img]http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/8449/254080.jpg[/img] that is the card and to view more about me go to http://dsipaint.com/memberprofile.php?member=41917 and you will be at my account known as yugiohmaster view my blogs get an account make some freinds do whatever you want
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What does a "Fog Counter" do exactely????

Maybe make this card a field I don't know?

All Monsters which include "Cloudian" in its name gain 500 ATK and DEF. If a "Cloudian" Monster is destroyed by battle, place 1 Fog Counter on this card [b](max. 12). Remove all Fog Counters on this card to Special Summon a "Cloudian" Monster whose level equals the number of Fog Counters removed from this card.[/b]

Bold is what i THINK could be added.
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@Elemental Dragon: You don't add effects to others' cards, you just tell them how to fix it. Also, Fog Counters go on MONSTERS. IF you don't know how an archetype/decktype works, don't comment on the card.

This card seems like it should be a field to me, as well.

Correct OCG:
All "Cloudian" monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF. Each time a "Cloudian" monster is destroyed, place 1 Fog Counter on all face-up monsters.

Card is a bit overpowered. Cloudians spam like mad, and this would just give them reason to pair with Meklords (AKA Machine Emperors). Switch 1 to DEF, this activates, Grannel in hand activates, SS Grannel, all monsters get a Fog Counter.

A good fix would be to place Fog Counters on monsters equal to the Destroyed monster's level, but I'm sure something else would work.


Also, don't advertise your profile or whatever on some other site. It's not allowed.
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