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Neos Fusion Deck Deck Help

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Hello this is my first post here and i need tips and advice on my neos deck. This deck will be used to duel in single and double duels against friends so heres my build.

Monsters x18

x2 Neos
x3 Neos alius
x1 Grand mole
x1 Flare scarab
x1 Dark panther
x1 glow moss
x1 air hummingbird
x1 aqua dolphin
x2 Prisma
x1 Stratos
x1 Morphing jar
x2 Neo space pathfinder
x1 Honest

Traps x7

x1 Bottomless trap hole
x1 Solem Warning
x1 Threatning roar
x1 Mirror force
x1 Karma cut
x1 Torrential tribute
x1 Call of the Haunted

Spells x15

x2 O oversoul
x2 Neo space
x2 Fake Hero
x1 Reinforcement of the army
x1 E emergency call
x1 Monster reborn
x1 Giant trunade
x1 Wrath of neos
x2 Gemini Spark
x1 Pot of avarice
x1 Convert contact

Extra deck x15
x2 dark neos
x2 glow neos
x2 grand neos
x2 flare neos
x2 air neos
x2 aqua neos
x1 chaos neos
x1 magma neos
x1 storm neos

I wanted to add cross porter but some people say i misses the timing so i might add a sangan. I dont want to change the theme of the deck just some cards thanks.
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try sticking to humming bird (air neos +solemn judgement/ warning=big n' scarry), mole (good by itself), and panther (chaos sourcer at three and other fun steals) and mayber run two of each aside from mole. if you want you can even use a scarab and add in two debris because it makes a good target that prisma can also dump. definently loose the morphing jar and the karma cut, morphing helps your opponent too much and karma cut is a -1. use compulse or another bottomless and a solemn judgement.
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