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The DECK MASTER Idea from the cartoon not the End of the World


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[size="6"][size="4"][b]The DECK MASTER Idea from the cartoon not the End of the World [/b][/size][/size]
Before u criticize me for recreating these are actually DECK MASTER versions of the cards which means they're ability has to change a bit to match a long term type of ability and if they did not have one i had to make them one. also when u think about it if your using a Deck Master your opponent has one too right?

[b]I changed Jinzo's Deck Master ability to try the make it a little more fair cause no traps come on!?

When you Normal, Flip, or Special Summon a Monster increase your life points by 200x its Level. If this card is moved onto the playing field then this card's ATK is equal to the combined Levels of all monsters you control x 300.

Your opponent cannot activate any Trap Cards they Set until the end of the third End Phase after he/she Set them. You may pay 800 life points to negate the effect of any Trap card on the field.

This card may not be moved onto the playing field. All instant wins are negated. you may reveal any "Piece of Exodia" in your hand to your opponent. Increase the ATK of all Exodia cards on your side of the field by 500X the number of Exodia pieces in your Hand and Graveyard. If "Exodia the Forbidden One" is on your side of the field monsters on your side of the field can only be destroyed in battle.[/b]

[b][size="5"]Exodia cards are limited which means the strongest possible monster this card can produce would be 3000 and that would be "Exodia the forbidden one". Also only one of your cards would be able to get the full benefits of this ability. [/size][/b]

Every time a card one of your cards is sent from either your Hand or Deck to the Graveyard send it to the bottom of your Deck at the End Phase of that turn.

Every four turns after you first choose to activate this effect, During your Standby Phase both players discard one card then Draw one card. If you Draw a spell Card show it to your opponent and Draw again then your opponent discards one more card.

Up to three times in a Duel you may pay1000 life points to send all monsters on the field back to their owners deck. You and your opponent then pick up cards until you both have the same number of Monster Cards that were returned to each Deck. Special Summon the Level 4 or lower monsters to the field in face-down Defense Position. From the rest of the cards your opponent picked up select up to two cards and send them to the Graveyard. All other cards are returned to the owner's Deck and shuffle.[/b]
[color="#0000FF"][size="4"]if anybody can help me change the background for the cards to something more unique it will be appreciated.[/size][/color]
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Oh no... Oh, not one of these... First, recreating cards here is frowned upon. Second, Exodia does not need to be a full monster. Third, they are all effect monsters in a normal monster template. And, forth, you made them way less balenced then they were.

The Calculator- That is pretty OP,d. [i]Oh, I have Stardust and Calc? I gain 2000 life points! Oh and his attack is 3300.[/i] Just, OP'd. 1/10

Jinzo- He was fair to begin with. The effect is no one can activate trap cards, not your opponent can't activate trap cards. Also, his new effect makes him a near useless card. 1/10

Exodia- OP'd. Two sacrifices and infinate attack. 0/10
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But seriously:

These are all -10/10

All are OP'd
All would make me quit yu-gi-oh
STFU with deck master cards. THEY WILL NEVER BE MADE! LIVE WITH IT! (probably the rudest thing I've ever said on one of these)

Now individually:

Cal: *gets killed because you summoned Red Nova Dragon then put Calculator on the field*
Jinzo: *dies because you made it completely useless*
Exodia: *dies because you made the individual Exodia pieces OP'd*

So horrible I can't even do my usual rating
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Wow.. SQD i do this to kill like 30 minutes i have between school and work sorry i messed with your life and by the way i dont think anything you create will ever be made either as for the Justice Master of Spoons thanks for the advice and i know about the whole templet thing but these are supposed to be deck masters and like SQD pointed out they dont exist thats sort of why i made them here.
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Really? REALLY?! I was going to post Deck Masters in the Written Cards section, and now I see this? Now I'll look unoriginal =[

Anyways, the idea of DM's are awesome. But these cards you made (other than perhaps Calc) seem very overpowered to me. Be sure you tone down their effects, because you have to remember these cards can be played at any time, and they're always active.
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Everybody knows that cards created here don't become real but the other guy told me to STFU about deck masters, even tough this is MY first deck master post, and that they will never become real but like u said cards here don't become real its just a website to use your imagination or whatever so y get mad. If that msg wasn't for me then sorry its just this is the only day off I've gotten this week and i got on here to relax a bit but instead i find somebody overreacting but hey spring break is next week so no school...yay
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