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my war cards

Oking cole

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I fixed the other two cards...Now [i]THIS?[/i] Oh well, it is MY choice to help you after all. I suggest you read the "Common OCG Terms" Sticky thread at the top of this forum. It'll help you alot to learn your OCG(Original Card Game OR Official Card Grammar, in this case, I mean the latter of the two.)

First off, a english lesson with Orc Archer. Orc is not a official Yugioh type, either Beast-Warrior, Beast or Fiend would work better for these cards.

"The runts the pack are recruted as archers"

This is [b]NOT GOOD[/b]. You seem to have failed your basic english test, I will admit, I'm not a expert...But I can definately see Improvements to be made here.

"The runts the pack"

What? Wouldn't it be "The runts of the pack?"
You also need to learn how to spell "Recruited"

The fixed version of this would be
"The runts of the pack are recruited as archers."

Next Orc Commander. OH JOY. When I read this I wanted to smash my head off my computer desk. So Instead of ranting at you, I'll post a fixed version.

|When this card is Normal Summoned, add 1 "Orc Berserker" to Your Hand.|
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Please listen, and take people's advice. People have been complaining about the poor quality in your cards, and you haven't been changing them. In my opinion, no offense, you're no better a card maker than you were when you joined.
Look at some real yugioh cards, look at peoples advice, and take it.
Otherwise, not much to add on to ^^
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