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Favorite Pokemon Region



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  1. 1. Which Pokemon region do you like best?

    • Kanto
    • Johto
    • Hoenn
    • Sinnoh
    • Unova

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I don't know how you people liked Hoenn so much. Gen III was a great generation, but the mandatory water routes were retarded.

I prefer Sinnoh out of the first four main regions, just because I feel like it was an even balance between water, land, and other terrains such as caves and mountains.

Kanto/Johto were meh; having them share a "continent" was cool, but it was kind of uninteresting.
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Maybe it's to go with the theme of the game. I mean, they need to have at least 1 region where water is a lot or something, and your lying about it being "retarded" because it needs to happen sometime, with very good reason. And also, how can you think that Hoenn waters are worse then Kanto and Johto's waters? For the first time, it wasn't JUST TENTACOOL AND TENTACRUEL that you could find while surfing! For that matter, I'm not entierly sure that Gen 1 and 2 even had wild Tentacruel.
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