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Of Regents and Roleplayers Roleplay Thread

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[center][b]EPISODE I
~Of Regents and Roleplaying~
Objective: Flashback to how you were recruited. (This is by far the most specific any Episode is ever going to be, don't worry.)[/b][/center]

The sun had peaked in the sky, and Lacer Macias was awaiting the results of his latest experiment.

The concept was made. The system was refined. [url=http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/242731-of-regents-and-roleplayers-a-roleplay-of-a-roleplay/]The players, miraculously, were recruited.[/url] The rulebook was out. The character sheets were in.

Now all Lacer had to do was wait until thirteen o' clock and his great experiment would begin. He would be the Gamemaster to his own RPG.

Despite never having touched tabletop RPGing in his life.

Oh, well. They were already on their way in. Worst case scenario, he'd have yet more people who hated him. [i]Nothing to lose and everything to gain[/i], as they say.

As he sat and waited, Lacer recalled his trials in convincing the roleplayers to turn up in the first place...
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Matt was the first to walk in, I mean, he had the time. "Hello?" he asked peeking into the room, seeing Lacer sit, watching his moves. "Well," Matt began, taking a seat, "I'm here, and there should be a few more coming, if I'm correct." He looked at Lacer, unsure if he was even slightly phased that he was wearing the same shirt now from when they met. Matt began to think about how this all started, he thought that moment went something like...

[i]Matt walked pass the school yard, uncaring of what was occurring until he overheard something that intrigued him. He looked at one who called himself Lacer invite some girl to participate in an RPG. He began to think, he had always wanted some game to play on Saturdays with people not grubbing. And so he walked off, taking off his formal upper wear and replacing it with an "I Donut Donuts" T-Shirt. He walked up to Lacer, before making a "hello." "I," he explained, "heard you inviting someone to an RPG. And I think it sounds fun, so may I join?" He awaited the guy's answer, for this could turn out to be interesting.[/i]
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Suddenly, behind Matt, a second form entered the room. It was a female this time- black hair fell lank behind her head, and a mix of red-and-black clothes covered her body. She was, evidently, a goth- however, a huge smile dotted her face, and the bag she was carrying had the graphic of a happy dinosaur on it.

"Hiya!" Gracie said cheerfully. "You ready to get this started, or what?"


Gracie certainly remembered how she had gotten into the RP in the first place. It happened in the school hallway; temperatures were dropping, fevers were high, and everyone couldn't wait for winter break to come, so they could snuggle up around the fire and forget about the bone-chilling winds outside. Gracie, on the other hand, had been contemplating her trigonometry homework at the time, the math book open in her arms, which, looking back, didn't seem like such a good idea at the time due to the fact she had been navigating a crowded hallway. In fact, this was to be proven several seconds later.

Gracie, her lipstick-stained mouth twisted in contemplation of how the heck she would figure out one of her trig problems, had not seen the person in front of her. Walking forward blinding, she would only register the person's presence when it was too late.

"Ow!" The goth shouted in surprise as the book and her foot hit something hard, sending both her and the figure sprawling to the floor. Her math book, with her various homework assignments wedged within it, were sent spiraling out of her grasp, the pages flying away to mix with the other person's papers, which had likewise been scattered.

"I'm so sorry!" Gracie cried, swiping at her dyed black hair so she could properly see. She began gathering up her papers at a feverish pace; class would be starting in a couple of minutes.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hit you," she babbled, not even looking to see who she was talking to, or, indeed, if he was still there. "I wasn't watching were I was going, it was a complete accident, and-" Gracie paused; her eyes were fixed on one of stranger's documents, which was currently resting beneath one of her past homework assignments.

"Is this..." she asked slowly. "...plans for a tabletop RPG?"
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And behind Gracie came a third, except unlike the others, he did not say a word. He merely nodded at Lacer, his way of saying hi. He then looked at both Matt and Gracie, and nodded at them too. Without another word (well, in this case nod) he took his seat across from Lacer, and pulled out a small novel from one of his many pockets. While his expression was blank, his mind was racing. [i]How much people did he invite? They all look older than me! I can't believe I came...[/i]


It was a regular day for Phil, school, track, homework, then home. Two out of four were completed, it was only a matter of time before the third was. He sat at the usual table, the one near the entrance of the library but somewhat hidden behind a few shelves of books. His geometry homework sat in front of him, untouched for the most part, while he was finishing his history report. His bag was under the table, and he kicked it a few times out of boredom.

On a whim, he had snagged a rulebook for an RPG from some kid near the entrance. He had just left it at the checkout-desk and he was interested so, why not? It was only when he read through the first part when he was approached by someone from school. Seemed familiar but he didn't quite recognize him...
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Followed succintly behind Phil was the fourth man, errr, person of the group. 'Hi di ho' Jake said pleasantly to the group with a goffy wave. He scanned the room quickly and took a seat in a vacant space. This guy was simply wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, despite the weather outside. There was an unpronounceable logo on his shirt. He was smiling warmly as he watched Lacer set the game up, and remembered the interesting encounter to which he became a part of this exciting adventure of epic RPG proportions.


[i]Jake was in the library reading a manual on DnD he had found. He'd never played a tabletop RPG before, and had been interested in doing so. He was disturbed by someone in front of him, causing him to lower the manual. Whilst he had been reading his tongue was sticking out slightly. The person in front of him was Lacer. He asked if Jake was interested in joining his own RPG. 'Sure, what time?' he answered and inquired. He was told the answer and Lacer walked off. 'Cool' he said and went back to reading. Boy that was exciting.[/i]
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Maria came bumbling in as the fifth to enter, and not a moment too soon. She had been too caught up in The Now Show repeat on BBC Radio 4 to even recall that the RPG was due to start literally straight after the repeat. Fortunately, she had conceived the cunning plan of listening to the aforementioned show inside the car, chauffered by her mother as always. She was still in giggles from various jokes, and a newly conceived slash pairing in her mind (honestly, beforehand, she had never really thought of the prospects of Punt/Dennis, but [i]now[/i]....) While Naimo continues to censor the rest of Maria's increasingly dirty thoughts most inappropriate for a RP that's not for fangirling or doesn't carry an 18+ rating, somewhere in her mind, she recalled exactly how she came to know about Lacer's game...



It had been lunchtime when Maria had been approached from Lacer. As a bit of a loner, she had done the usual - eat fast, and then bugger off to the library for some work. Well, not exactly work; more, being brave and writing slash in a high-risk area, for anybody could have potentially seen her work. She didn't care though, she had to get it done for that big bang challenge.

Someone suddenly tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped, and her mind panicked - was it a staff member? Had she been found out? Was she being asked to get off the computer? Was her account going to be suspended?

Fortunately, the answer was no to all of them. It had been Lacer, and he had offered her a place in his RPG. Without much hesitation, Maria accepted, and was left to ponder over the booklet on her own.
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Cale watched the fifth participant enter. He wasn't in the room. Truth be told, he wasn't all that nearby either. Instead, he was holed up in a nook out of sight, no hiding per se, but staying out sight and out of the way as he debated with himself about going. He had been in this spot for about half an hour now, occupying himself with a novel. With some difficulty, he forced himself to close the book and head to the room. Not looking the others in the eyes, though he probably new them from classes, he entered with a gait somewhat between a shuffle and stride. "Um.. Hey..." he muttered before slipping into one the chairs furthest from the door. He settled into his book again as he waited for them the start, considering just how he got himself into this mess.


The normal bustle of the hall crowd didn't bother Cale as he propped his book open his one hand. His snack, a warm cinnamon roll in a paper sack and a bottle of milk where occupying his other hand. Most people couldn't read, eat and walk at the same time. Most people couldn't read and walk at the same time, much less in a crowded hallway. Fortunately, that was one of Cale's skills. This was about the third time he was rereading the book, but he almost always found something new in each reading. And it allowed him to split his attention better too. He side-stepped around on the football players and avoided collision with a teacher leaving her class. Not everyone was so talented; and the girl that crashed into another student, Gracie and Lacer. Cale slowed as she apologized and helped him gather his things. She said something about a role play. Snagging on of the sheets that landed near him with a finger, he scanned unobtrusively as he handed it to Lacer. Sure enough, it [i]was[/i] a plan to a role play. It looked interesting too.
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[center][b]EPISODE II
~Overlords Assemble~
Objective: Socialize with the other RPers, get to know 'em and stuff.[/b][/center]

His first recruit had been easy enough; picking out an RPGer in the library. That might not have been such a good idea; he'd deliberately set up the design to avoid Dungeons and Dragons. But hey. He knew little about DnD it might work out all right, and besides, variety was the spice of life.

He'd picked on another girl during lunch -- a fujoshi, if those names she scribbled on her paper meant anything -- and had been overheard by another boy he'd never heard of. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he'd agreed immediately, passing out his third rulebook of the fifteen he'd made.

The next two were completely by accident: he'd been knocked into the path of another student, who had seized upon his plans and decided to join forces with him. Then a bystander did exactly the same thing. Lady Luck, it seems, smiled on his plans.

After school, he'd decided to wander the library in search of reference -- okay, fine, he just wanted a good book. He didn't find one of those, but he did find a sixth player. And that was all.

"Greetings, my fellow antisocialites!" he boomed. "Don't worry, we're all that nervous.

"Anyway, if we're going to play together for some weeks, I think some introductions are in order, ne? I'll start: Lacerta Macias, called Lacer by the general public because Lacerta, meaning 'lizard,' is a very cool name... for a girl. Lacer is much more dignified for a young man, methinks. My life is quite ordinary," he lied, "and I spend most of my week waiting for something interesting to happen. Such as this." He had stopped lying by now.

"I have no siblings, two parents, and a rather boring lifestyle on the whole. And as for my social life, well, this is my idea of a social endeavour. Unsettlingly enough, I will be your Gamemaster for the duration of this game, however short that may be.

"Now, then," he finished, "anyone want to go next?"
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Maria nodded and spoke up. It was a rare occasion for her to speak, but seeing as they were going to get all cosy with each other, she may as well.

"I'm Maria Tian, and as you can tell, I'm Chinese, but I was born and raised here, so I'm much better at speaking English," she began. "Well, what can I say about me? I live with my parents - no siblings or other relatives, they're all scattered around China. I'm fairly ... well, dull, buuut-" Her eyes suddenly glowed with irrepresable excitement, and there was a ditzier tone in her voice now. "-I am a mega MEGA fangirl of British comedians in particular, and oh my god, they can be [i]so slashy[/i] sometimes in the way they do things!" Here, she allowed herself a little fangirly giggle mixed with the darker tone that could only belong to slash, not dissimilar to ones that Naimo herself sometimes lets loose during her fangirl moments - i.e. all her waking hours, and sometimes even dreams (OK Naimo, censor yourself now). She resumed speaking, but the grin on her face was just growing as she entered her comfort zone even more. "So yeah, I am a fujoshi - do refer to My Girlfriend's A Geek for more details, it's a very very good manga."

She paused, and took in every other person's countenances. "Well, I guess that's me done. So to sumarise, I'm a fangirl and a fujoshi. And yes, I don't just do celebrity slashing, I am ... well ..." Her cheeks violently blushed as she finished her already terrifying sentence. "I do a little bit of RPS, which stands for Real Person Slash." She paused again, and then clapped her hands together. "So, erm ... anybody else?"
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The room had pretty much quieted after the Chinese girl -Maria- had made her speech, probably in part due to all the outlandish things the girl had just said. First taking a look to see if anyone was going to stand up and speak, Gracie finally decided that it was her that would have to take the plunge. Standing up, she planted another buoyant smile on her face and made eye contact with the group.

"I'm Grace Williams, but you can call me Gracie. And before you ask, yes I am a goth." Here, Gracie winked. "I've been one for a while now, so don't ask why- I've quite forgotten, though it is still quite fun seeing people's reactions when they see me." Gracie laughed. "As for the lifestyle part, I live at my home with my brother Evan and my mom. I love them very much." she said quietly. "My father lives in New York, where he runs a law firm. I don't see him much. Friends-wise, I have two best friends, Sam and Elizabeth. They're are pretty awesome- but other than that, no close friends. I paint during my free time, if you wished to know- and I RP a bit, too, or else I wouldn't be here! Well, yup, that's all about me." Gracie, with one last smile, sat down, her eyes searching for who would go next.
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This is quite the interesting crowd thought Jake. We were introduced to a slasher and a goth. The Fujoshi as she calls herself is quite a nice person, but British comedies? That is kinda creepy actually, he began to hope that she doesn't decide to slash the group here. The other girl, the goth seemed nice. Very perky and bright, Jake thought that maybe she just liked the colour black. Because goth goths usually act depressively and write bad poetry, not bad but REALLY bad, the kind that's just, ugh. Oi, stop inner monologuing and introduce yourself.

Jake pushed himself up and doesn't his front down, despite the absence of dust. 'Hi there everyone, I'm Jake Macleod. I'm of a Scottish heritage, sadly though, I've never visited Scotland. I hope to one day' he explained, turning his head down in thought before raising it again. 'I live with my parents and my little sister. She's kinda bratty, but she's a good kid. We fight a lot, but that's sibling rivalry, it's natural really. Frankly, there'd be something very wrong if siblings didn't fight. I live mostly with my mother, who works during the day as a waitress at a restaurant. My dad rarely spends time at home due to his constant research and experimentations he does at the cell research lab, he focuses on bacteria and viruses. Despite this, that makes the time I do spend with him all the more richer. I don't have specific friends, because, everyone is a potential friend, why pick favourites right? Heh, it is simply great to be here. I haven't role played much and I've never honestly touched a tabletop RPG before, so this will be a great new experience for me'. After finishing he sat down and eagerly awaited the next intro.
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Cale wasn't really keen on speaking up, but if he wanted to make himself a member of the group, he would have to be assertive. That's what Natalie and her friends were always telling him anyway. He folded the corner of the page in his book to mark his progress and tugged the book in his hoodie pocket. If he had to do it, he didn't want to be the last person to introduce themselves. A bit hesitantly, he half raised his hand, though he didn't stand.

"Um... I'm Cale Younger... I like to read and write mostly. Fantasy, sci-fi and mystery." He read the occasional love story if it had a decent sub-plot, but he wasn't going to tell them that. "As for writing... it's mainly stories, not much poetry. I got three short stories I wrote last year published but it hasn't really been getting great reviews... but I help my Mom with some of her poems and did one or two for her last compilation." He paused to word his thoughts. "My Mom's in England right now, on a book signing tour and my Dad's somewhere in Manitoba doing his research. Natalie, my cousin, is getting her degree at the university so she lives with us and is technically supposed to be my caregiver. Aside from that, I don't do much, though I do some text based role-play online," he added, consider the comments the others made. "Sorry... but I'm not very interesting either."
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Phil glanced at the other boy who like him, has not introduced himself. Seeing as he doesn't appear to want to make a move, he might as well step in. Truthfully he did not want to say anything and he especially did not want the spotlight. However he [i]had[/i] to say something, otherwise this whole thing would quickly become awkward. With that he also raised his hand, slowly at first.

"My name is Phillip Holland, but I guess you can call me Phil. Or if you're familiar with the track team, you can call me Siefried." He seemed to stutter at that last word. "Although... I'm not that much of a fan of it." He seemed to drop his hand back, now that all eyes were on him. "I don't have much interests really... As I said before I'm part of the track team, and I do enjoy a good book occasionally. Besides that though, I'm just an average guy." With that he stopped, and waited for the last one to take his turn.
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It was inevitable. He was going to have to say something now, for there was no one else to talk. Matt adjusted himself, cleared his throat, and looked up. He couldn't have these people know who he was, even if they were to become his friends. It was too risky to see if they would grub or not, so he decided to go only with his first name. He knew that what he was about to say would not give them the full story, or even much info about him; nevertheless, he hesitated no longer.

"Heh," he began, "looks like it's my turn. My name is Matt, not a great name, but I believe it fits me quite well. As for myself," he paused. What he was going to say at this moment would give them no knowledge of his actual life. He liked this idea the most. He resumed, "I live in a rundown apartment. My family doesn't have much, but we can live fine. My parents work at a pizza joint, and they don't make much. Thankfully, they're at work a lot and don't care where I go when they are gone. So, hello." He ended that looking down, with a sigh. A slight smirk hit his face. He looked up, no smirk apparent, and asked, "so how is this gonna work?"
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Aha! Thanks for the segue, Matt.

"I'm guessing you have a vague idea of how the whole system works," said Lacer, "seeing as you've all filled out your applications to satisfaction. Here are your character sheets, by the way," he added, handing out the leaflets to each person.

"I have copies of those in my records," he said. "Alignment is a very fluid field; don't fill it in unless you have a very good eraser. It doesn't affect gameplay anyway; it's just for story reasons. The RSC has to do with rescuing, another shoplifted mechanic I'll explain later. Besides that, you'll fill in those tables with zeroes and ones to mark your level-ups.

He paused to smirk at his bewildered charges' expressions. "I'll explain as we go.

"Now, then, do you want to start playing, or would anyone like refreshments...?"
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Maria stared at her sheet, and having perused through it to check she had written everything in correctly - if only she had managed to spell Amaeniiya's surname right! She had been going for Raskopoulos, the same surname as Jordan Raskopoulos, the lead singer of The Axis of Awesome, but instead had to settle with the easier Raposkof - she looked up and said, "I'm happy to start playing." She then slumped back slightly on her chair, and waited for everyone else's reactions. If truth be told, she was actually looking forward to starting - she had never really done tabletop RPs before.

Yes, I really did try to name Amaeniiya's surname after Jordan Raskopoulos, but completely failed -_-

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Jake was reading ovber his sheet, He was rather proud of his wise old cleric, man, so many people are going to get maced by this guy. He couldn't help but grin. 'Do you have dorittos and salsa maybe? They're good for a snack food to be shared by everyone. But I can tell you right you right now that they seriously don't make a good lunch. Half a packet and you'll be ready to pray to the porcelain god of stink land' he said, and then laughed.
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Jamie sprinted at top speed from the bus stop to the address on the back of the booklet, cursing most of the way there. Her coach had called for a practice today this morning out of nowhere, and then cancelled it when it came time for this practice, giving her no time to change out of her athletic wear. She hated her coach; he couldn't organize anything to save his life. Jamie wasn't even sure how he managed to get hired in the first place, let alone become the coach of the volleyball team. In her angry thoughts, the memory of how she managed to get invited to the RPG thing surfaced as she approached the designated address.

Jamie was in the library at lunch, working on her calculus homework, her tongue sticking out of her mouth in determination. She was in a trance-like state, her mind totally concentrated on the task at hand, until her friend Riley woke her from it.
"Yo Jamie! Whatcha doing?" she said while she set out her books next to Jamie.
"I was doing math, but now I'm not. What brings you to the library?" Jamie replied, dropping her pencil onto her notebook.
"Just going to do some work before the next class."
Jamie leaned back in her seat, tipping the chair backwards, and looked around the library. All looked normal, with people sitting at the tables either absorbed in work or chatting with their friends. There was an anomaly farther away. Some pale looking kid that she vaguely remembered from one her classes was giving pamphlets to a select few students. A little strange, but Jamie assumed that he was doing a survey for a class or something to that effect and tried going back to work. She was just about to get back into her math trance when something broke her concentration again. This time, it was a pamphlet from the pale kid. Before she could ask what it was for, he had already walked away. Eyeing the pamphlet with suspicion, she started reading it. It appeared to be an invitation to some kind of live action role-play party.
"Hey Riley, what's live action roleplaying?" Jamie asked, waving the pamphlet in Riley's face. Riley took hold of the pamphlet and read it, handing it back a few seconds.
"This person's inviting you to join a bunch of nerds to act like magical characters in their basement. These kinds of people are desperate for a girl to join them because they're a bunch of creeps," Riley responded curtly.
"Aw, but it sounded cool! And they have free food!" Jamie whined.
"I bet that they'll be all creepy nerds who want a girl to ogle," Riley said dismissively. There was a brief moment of silence.
"So it's a bet then! $10 to the one who's right!" Jamie declared, slamming her hand on the table. Riley's eyes rolled.
"Fine, whatever. Not like I needed this $10 for lunch or anything..." Riley sighed back.

Jamie made her way inside and found the room where muffled talking could be heard from. Jamie took one deep breath to catch her breath, and then entered. In her head, she was fist pumping in victory; Riley was wrong. The people in the room looked normal and not at all like the gathering of nerds Riley described.
“Hey, sorry I’m late. This is the role-play thing right?” she announced to the group of people, standing by the door.
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Gracie had been silently laughing over her kingdom -Really? A nomad England? And why did she do that?- when the girl walked in. Gracie looked up and saw that she knew the girl- she was in Gracie's calculus class, wasn't it? And, what was her name? Jamie something or other. Gracie though she wasn't into sports- maybe that was the reason Gracie hadn't really talked to her. The goth was into self-expressions, optimally through the arts, and not into hitting other people with sticks or whatever that girl Jamie did. However, Gracie was still happy to see another person join the RP, so she gave the girl a welcoming smile.

"Yeah, this is the Roleplay thing." Gracie said, holding up the character sheet in her hand. "I'm Gracie. Gracie Williams. And you're Jamie, right?"
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"Welcome," said Lacer happily. "I'm surprised you made it." [i]I'm also surprised[/i], he added to himself, [i]that you actually showed up.[/i] He'd been perfectly stunned to find Jamie interested in his little venture -- since when did the [i]jocks[/i] role-play? That had to violate some law of nature -- and her actually turning up here was icing on the cake.

"Anyway, I think we were just about to get out the free food," he continued, inadvertently highlighting the principal appeal of his experiment. He then turned to Jake rather hesitantly.

"I, er, don't believe we actually have cheese snacks. We do, however, have nearly every type of potato chip ever invented -- excepting, of course, the cheese and yeti flavours. I'll go set some up."
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Cale raised an eyebrow. Yeti flavour chips? He prayed to God that he was joking. He hoped he had some sour cream and onion. No other flavour was as good. Idly, he ran his eyes over his sheet. Yup, fragile speedtser, just as he remebered it. Why exactly did he make such a character again? Must have been crazy. He was going to regret it when the game got rolling. Fragile speedsters had that little issue of being fragile. But, in a way, Loki reflected him; fast but not very strong. A very idealized version maybe (definitely), but a reflection no the less.

He looked up at Janie and gave her a nod and mumbled greeting. He wasn't up to a direct greeting, some he pulled out his book. With practiced ease, he drew it out, opened it to the marked page and smoothed the crease with one hand and one and half motions. Like his skill with reading and walking, he could read and follow a conversation. And Lacer would be out of the room for a few minutes at least. To pass the time, to pass the time, he thought as he turned a page.
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  • 2 weeks later...
"What, no one?"

Lacer blinked in surprise. After the verbose introductions, he'd hoped his charges would mingle a bit and get to know each other. Oh, well. There would be time for that.

"Well, in that case, I think we should begin. Here are the chips..."


"Our story begins in a very dark forest in the dead of night. The Overlords here assembled have there assembled. There are probably monsters about, and you're only operating at a fraction of your capacity. Therefore, for the time being, you've negotiated a truce with your fellow Overlords and set to work trying to survive the night and escape the forest alive.

It won't be too easy. As you're walking, you come upon a bear. But it's no ordinary bear -- it's clearly under the curse of some powerful magician. Or maybe it is the curse. It's hard to say. In any case, that bear is surrounded by tainted wildlife. They're probably all under the same spell. And all of them have marched into the clearing where you've set up camp. They're out for your blood.

"You've got a turn's worth of time to organize yourselves," said Lacer pleasantly. "See if you can work out a strategy. It shouldn't be too hard."
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Olivier considered 'Fashionably' late to be about fifteen, twenty minutes after everyone had already gotten settled. After all, how else would you be able to make a big splash? The point of parties was to attract attention to the most beautiful and interesting people, and though it may sound narcissistic, he was certain he'd be the most interesting person there.

After all, a gorgeous foreign blond like him? A godsend to this rowdy rabble of social outcasts. Why, he could remember the very day that the leader of those geeks himself practically BEGGED him to join...

[i]"Please Mr Dàrche, we simply can't play without you!" Lacerta Macias begged in perfect, fluent french, his flab plainly obvious through the thin shirt emblemed with the bright logo "[b]Je Suis Un Tare[/b]" in bright, guady yellow.

Olivier, of course, stood in perfect masculine glory, his golden hair pouring from his head like molten gold and sunshine across his Adonis-like body. He gripped his longbow -shiny as if newly bought, but marked with a brand seen only occasionally outside of collector's conventions- and gave a deep, throaty laugh at the pathetic form before him. Three girls came from nowhere and began to stroke his musculature.

"Ha ha! Why would I deign to help [b]you[/b], pathetic English worm?" he said in lyrical french, incorporating several key cultural and mythological references that unfortunately were lost in the translation of french to cruder speech.

"It's only one Saturday!" The man with the strange girly name protested weakly, "and I'll offer you regular sacrifices of food!"

Despite having [b]a huge amount[/b] of things to do on that day, Olivier was feeling generous. "Very well, I'll attend your [b]soiree[/b] as a personal and benevolent favor. I demand a team of virgins to perpetually anoint my feet with oil," he added.

Lacerta agreed, kissing his feet before he offered to carry Olivier back to his home so he wouldn't have to dirty his feet on subpar non-french ground.

Olivier figured he might have embellished a little in his memories, but that hardly mattered in the grand scheme of things.

He knocked twice on the door when he arrived, then just walked in. He found his way fairly quickly, following the sounds, and eventually poked into the room where a veritety of people were crowded around a table. He brushed his hair away from his face in what he thought was a rather cool gesture, then smiled. "[i]Bonjour, du Tare.[/i] I am Olivier- you may call me Archer."

It took him a second to realize they must have already started the actual game, but more pressingly, they had [i]girls[/i].
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Matt glanced at the now open doors. Great, the one type of person that he just hated to be around, the hustler. It was annoying, to say the least. But in his little, dark mind Matt decided it would be best to greet this [s]ass[/s] new player by greeting him nicely... ugh. "Why," he began, "another player! Welcome to the game, I'm going to be one of your fellow players." His mind didn't say nearly the same. And although he was smiling, there was a glint in his eye. A glint that showed he didn't really want this new guy here.
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Gracie had been chewing thoughtfully on the end of a pen [s]Mmm ink was tasty[/s] when the boy walked in. Maybe it was because Grace had never talked to this guy before or simply her cheerful nature, but she turned to the new arrival with a buoyant smile on her face. When she heard him speak French, her face lit up and she replied with,

"Bonjour! Comment ça va, mon ami?"

The words were only slightly mangled, and Gracie was feeling extraordinarily proud of herself for managing to actually produce the French words, which was all she had managed to pick up during a summer vacation to Paris. This had taken place when Gracie's parents had still been together, so you'll have to forgive Gracie for feeling so proud of herself, since this happened so many years ago. Still smiling, Gracie gestured around, signaling for the new arrival to take a seat, as she had done (On the ground, or are there chairs in the room? I presume the latter, since this is [i]tabletop[/i] roleplaying) and said, "Hi, I'm Gracie. Gracie Williams. You're just in time, the RP is just starting up." She quickly turned back to the roleplay, where she began contemplating how to deal with the cursed animals once more.

"Well..." she said slowly, drawing out the word. "I guess I'd use Roxanzia to charge the beasts, what with her stave and all. Probably throw magic into the mix somehow, as well...though, I'd have to know what the others are doing, as well, before deciding." Gracie glanced up at her fellow RPers. "Guys? What do you want to do?"
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