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Monsters: 19 | Spells: 14 | Traps: 8 | Total: 41 | Extra: 15

x1 Gorz
x1 Cyber
x1 Cairus
x1 Quickdraw

x2 Junk Synchron
x3 Dupe Frog
x2 Majestic Dragon
x1 Debris Dragon
x2 Twin Sword
x2 Axe Draganute
x3 Cactus Fighter

x1 Allure
x2 Card Trader
x2 Burden Of The Mighty
x2 MST
x1 Reborn
x2 Vortex
x2 Ring of Magnetism
x2 Stardust Shimmer

x2 Scrap Iron
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Bottemless
x2 Decree
x2 All Out Attack

x3 Stardust
x2 RDA
x2 Majestic Star
x2 Majestic Red
x2 Formula Synchron
x1 SSD
x1 RND
x2 Junk Warrior
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My comments:
x1 Cyber < See below
x1 Cairus < I'd suggest dropping this and running another Cyber, unless you're like me and don't have a second one... Even then, in this type of deck Caius isn't really needed at 1.
x3 Dupe Frog < What's the purpose of this exactly?
x2 Majestic Dragon < if you want a Savior deck specifically, then keep this. Otherwise don't run it.
x1 Debris Dragon < Not really any good targets for this besides Dupe Frog. Is that the reason you have Dupe?
x2 Twin Sword < Ehh... Don't like the card, but if you really want to use it.
x2 Axe Draganute < Not really a good card overall, unless you're using a DDV deck.
x3 Cactus Fighter < Guessing this is here for the OTK? You should focus a deck around it if that's the case, not toss it into the middle of another.

x2 Card Trader < Drop this. It's useless.
x2 Burden Of The Mighty < Not that amazing either
x2 Vortex < Replace with a Dark Hole and another Bottomless Trap Hole
x2 Ring of Magnetism < Get rid of this. it's useless.

x2 Scrap Iron < Not so amazing. Torrential is a lot more useful.
x2 Decree < Don't run Royal Decree at 2. Either use at 3 with 1 other trap, or don't run it at all. Trap Stun is an alternative to using this. Or 7 Tools of the Bandit.

x3 Stardust
x2 RDA
x2 Majestic Star
x2 Majestic Red
x2 Formula Synchron < This deck has no way to make this.
x1 SSD < See above.
x1 RND < See above

If you're making a SSD/RND/Savior Dragon deck, then use One for One, for sure.
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Now thats what I like to see....someone actually helping with the deck.

I now most of the cards will be changed, I wrote this very early in the morning because I couldnt get back to sleep so wasn't thinking straight

I will probs change most of the deck to something more focused. Just not sure what tbh.

Thanks for all the comments on the deck Slayer :)

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