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Bully owned by victim


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Let me know if the video doesn't work for some reason.


This is a little bit of justice for the skinny bully in the video. Unfortunately the large kid was suspended, but hopefully he feels pretty damn good owning the little bastard like that.
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[size="3"][font="Times New Roman"][b][color="#FF0000"]Jeice: Crikey Berta, it appears as if a new challenger has appeared and started to just hit his opponent with a viciously soft looking punch to the face! And now it seems as though he's trying to psyche him out with a couple of fake punches to the stomach![/color]
[color="#4169E1"]Berta: Wow those punches are fast! But not as fast as me the fastest in the universe![/color]
[color="#FF0000"]Jeice: It looks as though instead of psyching him out he's made him madder! [/color]
[color="#4169E1"]Berta: But wait what's this? It looks like he's setting him up for the-[/color]
[color="#FF0000"]Jeice: PILEDRIVER! PILEDRIVER!![/color]
[color="#4169E1"]Berta: Wow, I don't think that kid can get back up![/color]
[color="#FF0000"]Jeice: Oh look at that his friend has stepped in and now there's a stare-down between these combatants![/color]
[color="#4169E1"]Berta: What's this? We've just been informed that the Piledriver has been made an illegal move and the skinny kid has one by disqualification.[/color]
[color="#FF0000"]Jeice: What? When has that been enforced?[/color]
[color="#4169E1"]Berta: Beats me Jeice.[/color]
[color="#FF0000"]Jeice: Well that's all we got time for folks we'll see you same time next week![/color]

^ That's my summary of the fight with Jeice and Berta doing commentary. I just hate it how that other guy stood in for the skinny kid when he went down, yet nobody stood up for the other kid when he was getting picked on until after he already nailed the other kid. This is what angers me the most about bullies, whenever the victim fights back they end up being punished yet the person who starts it all doesn't. Schools really need to put some thought into this sort of behavior before they hand out punishments especially if one student continuously gets bullied and then gets punished when they decide to fight back using similar methods as to how the bully does.[/b][/font][/size]
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[quote name='Wang Fire' timestamp='1300133038' post='5073829']
Off-topic: Its spelled "Burter"

The way Abridged Jeice pronounces it is Berta though, since he's an Aussie and all.
But anyway, I have a feeling this will end up on the news.
Or on RWJ at least.
That video Tom posted had 300 views or so, but comments were coming in by the second and I have a feeling people will see Frunk's video of it too.
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[quote name='judedudemude' timestamp='1300132046' post='5073770']
so that little kid was picking on the big ???

that little kid thought he had some big l34l_l_5

that big kid smash that jerk like undertaker and batista (2 of my fravs in wrestling)

ive seen and or been though this stuff like this the american school system is very flawed ......

the american school system claims to have a zero policy on volience and bullying


BUT WHEN THE VITCIM DEFEND HIMSELF/HERSELF GUESS WHAT ??? who gets in trouble for it ??? even thought the TEACHERS/PRINCPALS/APP PRINCALS/SHCOOL POLICE know whats going on

its a lose - lose thing he goes to the TEACHERS/PRINCPALS/APP PRINCALS/SHCOOL POLICE nothing happens and he still gets pick on but if he fights he gets a punishment form the school when will the school system see the errors of their ways ???

i know of a 5-7 year old girl who going though this and i do not want this sort stuff constantly happening to poor inconent kids who only want an education so they are not flipping burgers rest of their life

there need to be a petion to prevent stuff like this form happening the kid was only deffending himself the bully assualt him first

if a petion will not make people see what problems some kids go though because of 455\/\/1P35 kids then i advise the parents of the kid to sue the school and the bully and his family

huge lawsuits allways wake up the board of education (lawsuit are not nessary but with a lawsuit you might be able to get the kid's suspended removed or at least remove the suspension form his record so he might be able get into a good college stuff like detention and suspension on a student school record might prevent him from geting a scholarship or getting into a good college)
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[quote name='Frunk' timestamp='1300155545' post='5074653']
What is?

Both acts. The little kid who hit him, and the large one who hit back. The little one shouldn't have done it, and the large one should have subdued, or at the least restrict the little one's movement and take them to an authority figure.
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[quote name='Icyblue' timestamp='1300155929' post='5074665']
Both acts. The little kid who hit him, and the large one who hit back. The little one shouldn't have done it, and the large one should have subdued, or at the least restrict the little one's movement and take them to an authority figure.

If you read the back-story, you'd know the big kid has been subjected to years of torment. To expect him not to snap is naive.
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