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(Updated) Scrap Deck


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I posted my previous build awhile ago with minimal response. I changed things up a bit recently, and it seems to work better. And comments or advice would be appreciated~


Card Trooper
Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (x2)
Jain, Lightsworn Paladin
Swift Scarecrow (Will most likely be replacing this with Battle Fader)
Morphing Jar
Scrap Goblin (x3)
Scrap Beast (x3)
Scrap Chimera (x3)
Scrap Searcher
Scrap Golem (x3)
Scrap Breaker (x2)


Scrapstorm (x3)
Scrapyard (x2)
Mystical Space Typhoon (x2)
Book of Moon
Mind Control
Monster Reincarnation
Monster Reborn
Foolish Burial

Blast With Chain
Bottomless Trap Hole (x2)
Mirror Force
Threatening Roar
Dimensional Prison
Dark Coffin

Extra Deck:

Srcap Dragon (x2) [I need a third one, I ended up trading one for something...]
Scrap Twin Dragon (x2)
Scrap Archfiend (x2)
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Breaker is useful, but not at any more than 1 really.
-1 Breaker
-1 Jain
-1 Swift Scarecrow
+1 Ehren/Lyla
+1 Summoner Monk
+1 Card Trooper
-1 Threatening Roar
+1 Dimensional Prison (1 Roar 1 Prison seems to random)
-1 Monster Reincarnation
+1 Dark Hole

Extra Deck also needs generics, unless you just haven't posted the generics and you do actually run them.
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