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The Eclectic Reign of Duelists

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?Now, VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon, attack his life points directly!? Shouted the cloaked man. The blow landed as Skyy?s lifepoints hit zero. Skyy fell to the ground as he threw his cards at the feet of the cloaked man. ?Pick them up.? The man said in a harsh tone. Skyy failed to budge. ?Pick them up.? The man repeated, this time, clenching his teeth. Skyy looked up hesitantly, and then picked up one of the cards that lay on the ground: Cyber Dragon. ?Good, good? The man was pleased. Skyy smirked and ripped the card in two.


?Graah!? The man roared, as his foot made contact with Skyy?s face. Skyy flew backwards a few feet as the man jumped on him and threw punches left and right, until Skyy was unconscious. The man picked up the cards and walked away.


Skyy woke up and checked his watch. 2 PM. What happened? He looked around as he saw a lady walk into the room. She had a white coat on, like a doctor?s coat. And he certainly wasn?t his mother, so, who could she be? He took a quick glance around as he saw he was in a hospital. She must be a nurse.


?Ahh, you?re awake. Feeling better?? The lady asked in an extremely sweet voice. Skyy nodded yes. The nurse chuckled, ?Well then, it looks like you?re right ?bout ready to leave us then. Skyy grinned widely and the nurse laughed again. ?Well then, let?s get ya?ll up an? outta here!? She helped Skyy out of the bed. He ached all over. As he ambled towards the door, he stopped and turned around, he had come to a realization, presumably.


?Who brought me here??


?There was a man who was walkin? down the alley and he found you. What were you doin? down there anyways?? The nurse questioned.


?Erm, nothing.? Skyy quickly turned around and then groaned in pain.


?Oh no! Are you okay?? the nurse grabbed Skyy before he fell, and helped him out of the room. He stepped outside and allowed the cool, crisp air to enter his body and he thereupon felt infinitely better. He headed east, towards a nearby Taco Bell. He quickly scarfed down some tacos and went to the local card shop.


The owner of the shop saw Skyy and his face illuminated anon. ?Hey Skyy! Here for some cards??


?Yeah. I am? Skyy said as he finally faced the owner.


?Ohmigosh!? the owner scowled as he observed the cheap shot that transformed Skyy?s visage. ?What happened to you?!?


?Run in with a Specter.? There was a hint of arrogance in Skyy?s voice.


?Oh no? How many times have I told you to stay away from those fools?!? The owner covered his face in shame.


?About six.? Skyy retorted.


?Oh well? I guess you?ll be needing a new deck then?? The owner opened a cabinet behind the display cases full of cards, seemingly for special customers only.


?Yeah. But it?s cool, I know exactly the deck I want to build.? Skyy smiled.


?Okay then! That looks like a great deck Skyy! You should test it out!? The owner said enthusiastically.


?Yeah, thanks Randy. But where would I do that?? Skyy was perplexed.


?Well, Regionals of course!? Randy laughed


?Yeah, but there aren?t any around here, and I don?t have the option of going anywhere else?? Skyy rolled his eyes.


?Hmm? Well, this might be a long shot, but there?s a duel academy of sorts around here, a club really? They call themselves the eclectic reign of duelists. You could try to get in there! I heard it?s extremely difficult though?? Randy cautioned.


?Great, a challenge! I?ll head over there right now!? Skyy walked out of the store, ready for some serious action.


About a half hour later he arrived at the building. A big banner clung to the building, saying: ?Eclectic Reign of Duelists, join at your own risk!? Skyy smiled and walked right in.


?Hello. How may I help you?? A lady at the front desk smiled.


?I?m here to join the EROD!? Skyy responded merrily.


?Well then, head on in. You?ll be administered a written exam and then a proctored duel!? The lady said. She walked Skyy to a room and he entered.


A man slammed a booklet onto the desk that stood before Skyy. ?This here is your written exam. You must follow all instructions in order to move on. If you know yu-gi-oh!, this should be extremely simple. So good luck, you have an hour to complete this.?


Skyy finished the test in a half hour, the last question being the easiest. He had to build a fairy deck to use for his duel. The man looked surprised. ?Well then, go on into the coliseum behind this door and get ready for your duel!? Skyy walked through the door and looked around. It was magnificent, a giant basketball court surrounded by huge stands filled with hordes and hordes of students. It was very loud. He wondered how he couldn?t hear a thing in that room. Meh, it must?ve been soundproof. A man there directed him to the seats of students waiting to take their proctored duel exams. The line was huge. Ugh. This is going to be a very long while.


Sky stepped up and looked at the duelist sitting next to him. He looked very proud, and was the only one that was sitting up straight. ?Hey, I?m Skyy.? Skyy threw his hand towards the boy, and the boy returned the glance slowly, and shook. ?I?m Andra. Nice to meet you.?


?What?s with the posture?? Skyy tried to strike up a conversation.


?Oh nothing, I like to be taller than everyone else I guess? Andra chuckled.


After a few hours of chatting, it was Andra?s turn to duel. ?Well, I?m up! Wish me luck!?


?No problem. Good luck Andra? Skyy looked ahead and watched intently.


Andra looked ready as he pulled out his own Fairy deck.


His proctor loaded his deck and the duel began.


?I?ll begin by setting a monster and throwing down two face-downs. Your turn!? Andra passed the turn.


The proctor chuckled. ?I?ll start by summoning my Neo-Spacian Humming Bird and then setting one card.? Your turn.


?Ha! A bird? What a useless move. I?ll sacrifice my monster for Majestic Mech ? Ohka! Now, Majestic Mech, attack his hummingbird!?


?Not so fast!? The proctor quickly said. ?I activate Wall of Revealing Light! Now I sacrifice 3000 of my life points, none of your monsters with less attack than 3000 can attack me! I only have 1000 life points left, but as long as this is on the field, I?m virtually unstoppable!?


?Whatever. I?m up 3000 life points. That?s gotta count for something, right? Come on guys, help me out!? Andra got the crowd pumped as they roared.


The proctor sniggered. ?My turn. Since it?s my main phase, I can use my Humming Bird?s effect to raise my life points by 500 points times the amount of cards in your hand. That?s 1500 life points I gain. I?m up to 2500, and by my next turn, I might even surpass you in this section. So what now? What now is that I can summon my Gene-warped Warwolf and attack you with both of my creatures!?


?Not so fast! I?ll activate a face-down, Mirror Force!? Andra shouted as the two monsters were instantly destroyed.


Whoa, how?d he get ahold of a Mirror Force? That?s one of the rarest cards on earth!


The proctor seemed surprised as well. ?Very good.? He said. ?But not good enough. Go ahead.?


?Let?s see. How about I activate giant trunade to send that wall back to your hand? Now I?ll summon yet another Majestic Mech ? Ohka and attack. Now I?m ahead by 3900 life points! You have 100 points left. One turn and you?re done for!? The crowd got awfully loud at this point.


?You?re a very good duelist, but I don?t think you?re quite good enough. Well then. I?ll start by playing my Swords of Revealing Light. Now I?ll summon another Humming Bird! Attack!? Andra?s life points were reduced to 3200, and the crowd?s uproar seemed to quiet down.


?That?s just fine and dandy! I?ll set one monster and end my turn. That?s one turn off your Swords.?


?It?s all good. Now, since it?s my main phase, I get life points. 1000 points, to be exact. Now, I?ll summon my last Humming Bird and end my turn.?


?Grr? I?ll set a card and end my turn. One turn left.? Andra groaned.


?Well, now then? You have two cards, so I get 2000 life points. I?m up to 4100. And you still just have 3200. Now, I?ll activate a Giant Trunade of my own to bring Swords back. But I?ll play it again. Now I?ll summon my Spirit Reaper. Now, my monsters, attack!?


?Urgh darn it! Three more turns?! I can?t take it anymore! And I only have 1300 life points left too! Grr. Whatever. At least I got a good draw. I activate Heavy Storm! Say bye bye birdie to your swords! Now, I?ll summon my final Ohka and attack your Spirit Reaper. It doesn?t die, but I really don?t care. You take 2100 life points and you?re only 700 life points ahead now. Go. Your turn.?


?The final turn, huh? Thanks!?


?What?re you talking about? I have two set cards, I?ll tell you what they are right now. Two Sakuretsu Armors. Nice, huh??


?Nope. Watch and learn kid. I won?t even take my life points. Now, I?ll activate Heavy Storm before sacrificing a humming bird and spirit reaper for Elemental Hero Neos! Now, I?ll put the two cards on my side of the field into my deck to summon from my fusion deck my Elemental Hero Air Neos! And since he has 2500 attack points, you can?t stop me! Attack!?


?No! I can?t believe it, I lost! Grr? Even with awesome draws? I guess this means I didn?t make it, huh??


?Didn?t make it? Of course you did! Since you put up such a fight, I?ll put you into the Zaborg Yellow dorm!?


?Yes! Thank you so much!? Tears streamed down Andra?s face, as he headed for the stands where the Zaborg Yellow students sat. Now, it was Skyy?s turn to make it. I hope I get into Zaborg Yellow as well? Andra?s the only one I know here, so it?d be cool if we got into the same dorm!

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