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Ever Seen Deck Masters?


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Okay, a deck master is a any yugioh card that is given a special effect in a deck master duel.
When you duel with a deck master, there is a special zone given to them. Your opponent cannot
Attack them because they don't count as summoned. As far as I know, when you do summon them.
They do not require tribute/ritual/synchro summoning.
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TIP: Deck Masters are from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! In the Cyber World that was made by Kaiba's step brother (with greenblue hair) They were used in all the duels. The first appearance of them is when Kaiba face Kaiba on the first duel.

Deck Masters are basically your Ace Card on the side of you. They have a special ability that can help you. After you use the effect, they become a monster on the field. When they are destroyed, you lose.

But Deck Master cards do not exist nor will they ever need too. They are regular cards that are like a field spell and they all have effects that are chosen by a generator in the Cyber World so creating a card is just completely useless. Make a card of your own and post it here (NO DECK MASTER EFFECT) the add a spoiler of the card's effect as a Deck Monster.
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