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life point deck (experimental)


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1x dark jeroid

2x des wombat

2x mirage dragon

1x spirit reaper

1x ancient gear golem

1x guardian sphinx

1x neo aqua madoor

1x immortal of thunder

2x gravekeepers guard

3x yomi ship

2x jowls of dark demise

1x aqua spirit

1x marshmallon

1x big eye

1x mei kou master of barriers



1x secret pass to the treasures

2x dark snake syndrome

1x magical mallet

1x heart of clear water

1x magic reflector

2x back to square one

1x dark room of nightmare

1x nobleman of crossout

1x premature burial

1x fairy of the spring

1x different dimension capsule

1x ookazi



1x micro ray

3x draining shield

1x barrel behind the door

1x spellbinding circle

1x ojama trio

1x ominous fortunetelling

1x jar of greed


one of my strategies is to use dark jeroid to decrease d.w's attack and give it heart of clear water, then i can use dark snake syndrome, immortal of thunder, e.t.c

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I think I see some of the attacks this deck can make Dark Snake Syndrome reduces both players LP but you get less damage done with all the LP gain cards, and can reflect a bucket load of damage later with Barrel Behind the door. Other attacks come from Jowls of Demise, which seems to have little protection, add some Messengers Of Peace if you can. Dark room of Nightmare is usually a pretty dud card I find, it tends to get killed before it does more then some other cards would do. Mirage Dragon? are you going for attacks or Burn. add 3 x Stealth Bird for burn, it is perhaps one of the best burn cards ever. To be honest you have a lot of defensive monsters but not really good defensive magic or traps, (Level Limit area B, and Gravity Bind as well as Messenger of Peace) I'm guessing you are somewhat restricted by the cards you have and so this can be a tricky thing when trying to come up with a new deck.

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