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Unprecedented Wind + Surging Resonance

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Cards from Starter Deck 2011. Didn't want to post the "whole thing", but you can talk about the rest of the cards as well.

Unprecedented Wind
Normal Trap Card
Select 1 face-up monster you control. Increase its ATK and DEF by 1000 until your next Standby Phase.

Surging Resonance
Normal Spell Card
UNCONFIRMED: Select 1 monster. Its Level becomes 4 until the End Phase.

Surging sucks, but I think that Unprecedented might have some usage. Better than Rush as far as bonus goes, and also increased DEF. And if you use it on your turn, it doesn't end until after your opponent's turn. The other card, Howling Warrior, is a level 3 with low stats and can change a monster to Level 3...
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Both are toilet paper.

Surging Resonance is worthless when a lot of good monster are LV4s, unless you use it on an Exceed or something (but that probably doesn't even work, and why would you want to?).

Unprecedented Wind isn't good at all either. Why wouldn't I run some random Equip Spell instead? At least I can search those.
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