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Origin Arceus [WIP Sprite]


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Me and Fenrir for fun came up with the idea that Arceus as we see him isn't the real Arceus. But rather the physical manifestation of the Will of the Dragon Trio. And that the real Arceus is actually the Dragon Trio Combined. So we talked about it a little, he used his version as part of a mythos he's writing while I kept mine purely for idea purposes.

We call this Arceus "Origin Arceus", and right now it's a WIP. I would upload the sketched picture along with the sprite outline, but the file is HUGE... So yea ._.". I would have also shown this in its later stages, but my eyes are in severe pain and I figure what the hell before I go blind for the night.[/center]
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[quote name='NightWalker' timestamp='1300329636' post='5078115']
You could add a lot more to it.

Your comment was valid until you sad [b][u]THIS[/u][/b], how can you add to something that is in the process of being sprited? You use hard shapes and distinct lines before you add detail. I'm going to assume you knew this process of converting a sketch into a sprite? Yet you mentioned this. *taps finger*... Why?

Instead you should comment on the idea being presented, not the function of the process being shown. You were given the story behind the sketch/sprite for that reason.

Also: Original Sketch-
And please, for the love of all things that is holy and sacred. Try and understand why I kept the shapes simplistic and lacking detail.

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