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Wind based dragons and wing beast dudes


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This s*** be IRL muthafuckaz!

Monstaz: 15
x3 Dux
x3 Leginnare
x3 Failanx
x2 Aklys
x2 Effect Veiler
x1 Spirit Reaper
x1 Sin Strdust

Magikz: 16
x3 Ravine
x3 Terraforming
x2 CoC
x2 MST
x2 PoA
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Reborn
x1 Foolish
x1 Trunade

Trapz: 9
x2 Bottomless
x2 Icarus
x2 Warning
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Solemn
x1 Torrental

Synchros: 15
x3 Vagina
x2 Stardust
x1 Scrap Dragon
x1 Colossal
x1 RDA
x1 Brionac
x1 Castrator
x1 Mist Wurm
x1 Andriod
x1 BRD
x1 Derg
x1 Gaia
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