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Dragon Transforming Lightsworn Blackwing of the Destiny Hero

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So after seeing D-Hero Plasma, I thought of making the most ultimate card that almost doesn't make sense.

[center]-Dragon Transforming Lightsworn Blackwing of the Destiny Hero-
[DARK/Level 8]
This card is also treated as a Normal WATER monster while it is in your hand. This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck. If this card is removed from play, return it to your Deck. If this card is sent to the Graveyard, you can discard 1 monster, except "Dragon Transforming Lightsworn Blackwing of the Destiny Hero", and add it to your hand.[/center]

This card is Trololol.
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[quote name='slayer_supreme' timestamp='1300464333' post='5080792']
Well, you won't always want it in your hand or your deck, so it kind of is anti-productive to a degree with its other effects.
I was thinking it well, you would need no monsters in your hand, for it to stay in the Grave, but if you haven't noticed, it is, in fact, for the absolute lulzy-ness, an Allure/DDraw/Cards4Feathers/SolCharge/Trade-In/MorayOGreed/CommonCharity/CardsOfConsonance Target. Also, it's effect work with Dark Worlds. Though, I may change its effect to be optional, since it being mandatory already seems like a problem.
Oh wait, I have to add a part to it, because then their be a infinite loop with another DTLBotDHero in your hand.
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