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Yacht Clubs.


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Listen to me. When you get rich, buy a yacht. Join a Yacht Club. It will be the greatest decision of your entire life. Yacht Clubs are exactly like the clubs you have now/had when you were little, except that you already have a woman and this is your excuse to go eat delicious food, make fun of your friends, and drink. A lot.

My dad brings me to Thursday Night Dinner sometimes and while I'm not old enough to partake in the last activity I can laugh at everyone who does. And give them **** for it.

Most fun ever. Ever.
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[quote name='Wahrheit' timestamp='1300421329' post='5080325']
and drink. A lot.

Had me, up until there. Sounds like fun all things considering otherwise though. But, I'd rather just swim out there and deal with it at shore lol. Yachts seem... weird to me (never been a fan of boats much tbh).
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