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Infinite Light Ain Soph Aur


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[center]Just for the record, this card already exists in Anime, and I decided to remake it. Don't lower your rates because of that. Thanks for HP Doom for making me the pic :D

[i]Activate only in a response to the activation of your Trap Card. Negate the effect of that Trap Card and destroy it. You can control only 1 face-up "Infinite Light Ain Soph Aur". You cannot Special Summon, except by the effect of "Infinite Light Ain Soph Aur". Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 Level 8 or higher monster from your hand or Graveyard. Its effect is negated. If you control at least 1 monster Summoned by this card's effect, this card cannot be removed from the field. Once per turn, you can draw 1 card for each monster Summoned by this effect that is face-up on the field. If you Summoned 10 or more monsters with this card's effect, you can send this face-up card to the Graveyaard to Special Summon 1 "Ultimate Temporal Machine God Sephiron" from your hand, Deck or Graveyard, ignoring any and all Summoning Conditions. ATK of the monster Summoned by this effect becomes 8000.[/i][/center]

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