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Malefic Endless Circle

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[quote name='<}Alpha Frogodile{>' timestamp='1300401762' post='5079640']
Malefic Truth Dragon/Malefic Stardust Dragon, A Deal with Dark Ruler, Malefic Selector, Malefic World

1. Use Malefic World to search for Malefic Truth Dragon/Malefic Stardust Dragon, whichever one you don't already have.

2. SS Malefic Stardust

3. Set A Deal with Dark Ruler

When Stardust is destroyed, SS Malefic Truth Dragon. When Malefic Truth Dragon is destroyed, SS Berserk Dragon. Then, use Malefic Selector to get another MSD and MTD, and start the cycle over again.

does this work?

I'm making this deck assuming that it does (without Malefic Selector, ofc)

This isn't in my deck archive because it isn't based on a specific card.

3 Malefic Stardust
3 Malefic Truth
3 Malefic Cyber End (cos hes pro)
2 Berserk Dragon
1 Gorz

3 Cyber Dragon

2 Parallel Gear
2 Meklord Emperor Granel

3 Malefic World
2 Trade-In
2 A Deal with Dark Ruler
2 Terraforming
3 Pot of Avarice
2 Power Bond
1 Giant Trunade
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Stamping Destruction/3rd Trade-In

3 Decree

3 Stardust
3 Malefic Paradox Dragon
2 Chimeratech Overdragon
1 Twin Cyber Dragon
3 Generic
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[quote name='Nightmare Zarkus' timestamp='1300992044' post='5093728']
Needs Trade-in.
Don't bother with Wingbeat, and Duality seems out of place in a deck that can't do anything but Special Summon.
You should also max out Cyber End because he's probably the best Malefic. Running Skill Drain seems like a good idea too but you run 3 decrees so idk.


-2 Wingbeat
-3 Duality

+2 Trade-In
+2 Cyber End
+1 ???
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