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[Finished]Simple 1v1 Tournament.


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[center]Seeing as I actually finished my previous two contests, (oh yeah, I'm hardcore.) here's another.

There will be 16 contestants, and you will be put in a tournament style bracket. But each 1v1 will not be put in the 1v1 forum, it will be judged by me and the judges, and we will decide who gets to move on.

Each round will have the same card requirements for all competitors in the round. Example: In the beginning, everyone makes a Dragon. If you make it to the next round, everyone makes a Rock.

Simple enough, right?

Card requirements will be posted after I get 16 contestants.

Anyone can join. Anyone. Just say so.
Prizes are:

1st: 5 reps
2nd: 3 reps

k here we go bishes

1. [b]n8thegr8[/b]
2. [b]AsterikcAde[/b]
3. [b]Near Rivers[/b]
4. [b]Nmaster[/b]
5. [s].:Gister Knows:.[/s]
6. [b]seattleite[/b]
7. [b]DISASTROUS!![/b]
8. [b]- Dingo -[/b]
9. [b]Darkplant[/b]
10. [b]Zextra[/b]
11. [b]Trident Dragon/Assult Mode[/b]
13. [s]Coolkyledude[/s]
14. [b]The Wicked One[/b]
15. [b]Mr. Striker[/b]
16. [b]Spid3y[/b]

Bolded names have sent their cards.
Crossed out names have not, and are eliminated.

[spoiler=Card requirements for this round]
Fusion Monster of two already existing TCG/OCG cards.

[spoiler=Tournament tree]
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