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World Dueling Tournament(WDT)

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First of all this is my first Fan Fic I have made. There really is not much story. All it is is a tournament that is held once every 5 years. The winner of the tournament gets 1 million dollars, but it ain't as easy as it sounds. Also you won't be able to read what the people are thinking which is a choice that I made and I'm sticking with.

[spoiler=First Match]“Well fans, are you all ready for the most epic duels of the year” an announcer yelled to the crowd, “Now are you all ready for the first round of the World Dueling Tournament or the WDT.”
“Yeah!!, Whoo!, Come on!!” the crowd chanted back. “ Well then in our first match we have the lone wolf who according to the press only wants the money for himself; Rastan Lagoon!!!”
“Whoooo!!!!” the crowd interrupted the announcer. Rastan had medium sized hair slicked back. He looked around his mid 30’s. He had a blue overcoat with a white t-shirt under. He also wore blue pants that looked like any other. He seemed to always have a serious look on his face. “I can see you are all pumped up” the announcer said, “And on this side we have the city kid who wants the money to pay for his moms surgery; Age Lamperouge!!” Age had spiked up hair a t-shirt that said “ELECTRIFY” on it and some blue shorts passing his knees in length. The crowd once again cheered, but not as much as they did for Rastan. Both duelist walked to the center of the dueling arena and played a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. “Yes I win” Age yelled as he put his hands up in the air from the previous position they were in, which was paper. “Now duelist go to your side and start the first match of the tournament.” The announcer said as he spoke into the microphone.
“Well then I start the duel” Age said as he drew his card. “So for my first move I’ll set a monster and play a face-down to end my turn.”
“That’s all you’ve got’ Rastan said while chuckling “Alright then my move” he said as he drew his card. Rastan then played a card into the spell card zone, “For my first move I will activate Future Fusion, now I’ll send my Lord of D. and my Divine Dragon Ragnorak from my deck to my graveyard..”
“What the heck does that card do” Age rudely interrupted. “You’ll see in a while” Rastan replied “but that’s not it. I’ll now summon Red Eyes Black Chick, but he won’t be staying for long” Rastan said as he started to put it in his pocket, “ Cause by removing from the game I can Special Summon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon(ATK:2800-DEF:2400)!!” The crowd cheered as the metal coated dragon with red lines appeared. “Now I’ll activate its ability to Special Summon Divine Dragon Ragnorak(ATK:1500-DEF:1000) from my graveyard. Now my Divine Dragon Attack his face-down card.” The paleish long dragon slithered to the face-down card and when the monster appeared it looked like a electrified lemur, but it soon disappeared as the dragon blasted it with white energy. “No my Darkness Metal attack him directly!” Rastan yelled out. A beam of red and blue went toward Age hitting him straight on. “Ahh!” Age yelled out as a chunk of his life points dropped. [8000]-->[5200]
“Well then since you destroyed my Wattlemur your next Battle Phase is skipped” Age said as he drew his card. “Now I’ll summon my Wattwoodpecker(ATK:1000-DEF:100) in attack position and equip it with Rocket Pilder and Wattcube.” He said as he played the two spell cards. “How is that going to help” Rastan said “That woodpecker of yours only has an ATK of 1100.”
“Well you should let me finish for you can find out” Age said back. “You see by sending Wattcube to the graveyard I can increase the ATK of one thunder-type monster on the Field by 1000 ATK points. I’ll also play wattcine which increases my life points by the same amount you take as Battle Damage by a thunder-type monster. Now my Woodpecker, attack his Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.” Age yelled out as he pointed to the dragon. “What why would you something like that” Rastan said in confusion. “Well thanks to Rocket Pilder my monster can’t be destroyed by battle when it attacks and it also decreases the ATK of your monster after damage calculation by the amount that my Wattwoodpecker has.” Age said as he laughed. The woodpecker was nothing in size compared to the dragon. The woodpecker went and crashed into the dragon getting bounced back. [5200]-->[4400]
“Either way that attack was useless” Rastan said while having an evil laugh. “Sorry to interrupt your laugh” Age said back “but do to my Wattwoodpecker’s effect it can attack twice during each Battle Phase. So no my woodpecker attack his Red Eyes once more.” This time the woodpecker went right trough the dragon’s body making it shatter into pieces. [8000]-->[6800]. “Dam” rastan said to himself. “That’s not all” Age added “thanks to wattcine the damage you took I gain.[4400]-->[5600]
“ Well that does it for me” Age said as Wattwoodpecker’s ATK went back to 1000. “Well I must say that was a pretty good move for being a little kid” Rastan said back as he drew his card. “Well then I’ll tribute my Divine Dragon Ragnorak to summon Strong Wind Dragon in attack postion(ATK:3150-DEF:1000)”
“Wait isn’t its attack suppose to be at 2400.” Age asked with a confused look. “Normally yes, but since I tributed a dragon-type monster it gains half of its ATK” Rastan Responded back. “I’ll play a facedown and end my turn.” He said as he placed the card.
“Well then I draw” Age said back “I’ll switch my Wattwoodpecker to defense mode and set a monster to end my turn”
“I can see your running out of options” Rastan said as he drew. “ Now two Standby Phases have passed since the activation os Future Fusion so now come on out King Dragoon(ATK:2400-DEF:1100). Now as long as this card remains on the field You cannot target any dragon-type monster with spells, traps, or monster effects. I’ll summon my Luster Dragon(ATK:1900-DEF:1600) in attack position and use King Dragoon’s effect to special summon Luster Dragon # 2(ATK:2400-DEF:1400).”
“What!” age yelled with a frightened look “how am I suppuse to deal with that”
“Your not” Rastan responded back “Now my Dragon Attack his Wattwoodpecker” The blue dragon flew towards the woodpecker ready to puch it, but suddenly a force field appeared and shot out lights destroying all the dragons on Rastans side of the Field. “What!” Rastan yelled out “how can this happen”
“Easy” Age responded back “You see you completely forgot about my face-down which I played in the first turn. It was a Mirror Force waiting to be activated. The only reason I didn’t use it was to make you not think about it.” Rastan looked angered and looked as if he was going to go crazy, “Well then I’ll activate my face-down card Jar of Greed which lets me draw one card. Dam! Well I’ll end my turn.”
“Yes!”Age yelled out” as he added the drawn card to his hand. “Now I’ll switch my Wattwoodpecker to ATK position and Flip Summon my Wattkiwi(ATK:600-DEF:100). And from my hand I’ll summon another Wattwoodpecker in attack position. Now all my watts atttack him directly and woodpeckers attack twice.[6800]-->[2200].
“Well I’ll play a face-down and end my turn” Age said while smiling.”I draw” Rastan said.He looked at the drawn card and he got a giant smile and said “Kid, you were an annoying one, but this duel is going to end now. From my hand I will activate Dragon’s Mirror, by removing from play King Dragoon, Strong Wind Dragon, Red Eyes Darkenss Metal Dragon, Divine Dragon Ragnorak, and my Luster Dragon I can summon the one and only Five Headed Dragon(ATK:5000-DEF:5000)!!” The dragon started to come out of the ground and its size was enormous. Like in its name it had five heads a metal head, a fire head, a water head, a dark head , and a earth head.Its look were so freighting that some of the little kids in the arena got scared. “Now my dragon” Rastan said with an evil tone “Attack his Wattkiwi.” All the heads shot a beam and making them cross making an even milti-colored beam that obliterated the kiwi.[5600]-->[600].
“That’s not all either” Rastan said “I will also activate Offering of the Doom to destroy one of your Wattwoodpeckers.” Lighting struck the poor woodpecker making shatter into multi-colored pieces. “Now that end my turn” he said. “ Don’t think Ill give up now” Age yelled out as he drew. For a few seconds Age looks terrified as if he didn’t know what to do, but then from nowhere he got small smile on his face. “Alright I can still win” Age told Rastan. “How?” Rastan asked back “there’s no way you can counter my Five Headed Dragon.”
“Just watch” Age replied back “I’ll start by using my face-down trap card, Watttkeeper, which allows me to Special Summon one level 4 or lower Watt monster. I choose Wattkiwi, so come on out.” A bow appeared and then opened to reaveal the Wattkiwi. “That’s not all though because I now tune Wattkiwi to Wattwoodpecker to bring out Wattchimera.(ATK:1400-DEF:1200)” The kiwi vanished leaving only three green rings which went around the woodpecker who turned into three green dots. A bright light passed through the rings reaveling the Wattchimera. It was a bright blue and yelloe with a lions body, a snake as a tail, and wings of a bird. “Now I’ll activate Wattcube and then send it to the graveyard to have my Chimera gain 1000 ATK.” Age said. “Too little, to late” Rastan responded back “That monster is still to weak to destroy my mon…”
“Sorry to interrupt” Age said “but my chimera has an ability which lets it attack directly. So now my Wattchimera attack him directly to finish this duel.” The chimera went fast as lighting in front of Rastan and then scratching him with electrified claws.[2200]-->[0]. “No, can’t lose” Rastan said as he fell on his knees “I’m unbeatable”
“And that was your downfall” Age said as the holograms disappeared “ Your cockiness took over and made you waste that Offerings of the Doom. You could have played it safe by just setting it and then using it against my chimera, but you thought you wouldn’t need it” Rastan then got up, but never looked at Age. He just turned around and walked away to the lockers. “Well there you have it” the announcer yelled as the crowed cheered “the first duel of of the WDT. And it was a great one to start this tournament. “ Now then people get ready for the second round of the WDT!!”

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I don't mind this idea actually, just a duelling tournament between randoms. Keeps us guessing as to who will win each match.

More description could have gone into monsters appearance, attacks, etc. Some build up for rivalries between competitors would be nice to.

Lines could have been spaced out a bit better during convo.
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