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Bad at LS


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2x JD
1x Gorz
2x Celestia
1x Mobius

2x Wulf
2x Lyla
1x Garoth
1x Aurkus
1x Ehren
1x Lumina
1x Shire
2x Ryko
2x Debris Dragon
2x Card Trooper
1x Dandylion
1x Plz
1x Spore
1x Glow-Up

3x Solar Recharge
1x Charge
2x Avarice
1x MST
1x Reborn
1x Reincarnation
1x Trunade
1x Dark Hole

1x MF
2x Beckoning
1x Solemn


3x Formula Synchron
1x Catastor
1x Magical Android
1x Brionac
1x Gaia Knight
2x BRD
1x AFD
2x Stardust
1x RDA
1x Red Nova Dragon
1x Shooting Star


2x Cydra
2x Rai-Oh
2x Kinetic Soldier
1x Effect Veiler
2x Fissure
1x MST
3x Royal Decree
2x Solemn Warning

I know it's bad, but that's not the only reason I posted it. A friend challenged me to find room to tech Mobius, Spore, and 1-2 Debris, but I suck at this game so I need help. :/

Besides, he didn't say I couldn't get help. =D MENTALLY. >=/
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[quote name='Sephiroth_The_Legend' timestamp='1300801376' post='5089312']
-2 warning (side)
+1 mobius
+2 debris
-2 econ
-2 caius
-1 treeborn
+1 dandylion
+1 spore
+1 card trooper
+1 shire

basically he wants you to play Debris Sworn with a random Mobius.

Thanks. Shire is new to me, I had to wikia it. o.O I'd probably prefer to tech Veiler for it however. Will play test.

I kinda like the Trooper at 1, but I will play test it at 2 and if I find it cloggy (not likely) I'll just side it for a second MST.
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[quote name='Sephiroth_The_Legend' timestamp='1300802797' post='5089363']
in LS, not playing Trooper at 2 is stupid. It's far too good.

Shire is great when playing Debris:

It's an LS name for JD
It's 3 stars with 400 Original ATK so it's a Debris target
Can get up to huge attack as well.

Veiler is good too, but i prefer siding it myself.

^^;; This is my first LS deck so most of this ish related to LS that comes from my posts will sound a little disturbing.

With this build I'm goin' into Formula for Red Nova and Shooting Star cuz they drop so easily. I think I'll go ahead and post the extra as well.

Thanks again Seph.
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