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Budget Burn

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Des Koala x3
Giant Germ x3
Blast Sphere x3
Stealth Bird x2
1]Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch x1
Marshmallon x1
Lava Golem x1

Darkworld Shackles x1
Poison of the Old Man x2
1]Level Limit- Area B x1
1]Book of Moon x1
1]Swords of Revealing Light x1
1]Monster Reborn x1
1]Dark Hole x1
1]Dark Room of Nightmare x2
1]Mystical Space Typhoon x1

1]Magic Cylinder x2
1]Ceasefire x1
Zoma The Spirit x1
1]Gravity Bind x1
1]Chaos Burst x1
1]Mirror Force x1
1]Torrential Tribute x1
1]Call of the Haunted x1
Nightmare Wheel x3
2]Just Desserts x2

Tested it out in KCVDS and it did much better than I expected. I did pricing of the cards I didn't have and it looks like they'll end up costing me about $40, which isn't bad. Any suggestions?
EDIT: Made some changes. Ignore the numbers on the left; I was checking which cards I had.
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[quote name='iHop' timestamp='1300902362' post='5091657']
You run too many bad burn cards like shackles etc.

3 Nightmare Wheel, 3 Just Desserts, 3 Chain Energy, 3 Lava Golem and 3 Toll are pretty much staple. Check my build if you wanna see.

Not to mentions a Wave Cannon or 2... or 3

But to the maker... check iHop's burn... its good
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[quote name='iHop' timestamp='1300915968' post='5092121']
I wanna see.

3 Battle Fader
3 Lava Golem
3 Volcanic Doomfire
1 Morphing Jar

1 Card Destruction
1 Level Limit - Area B
3 Pot of Duality
2 Soul of Fire
3 Trade-In

3 Appropriate
1 Ceasefire
3 Dark Bribe
1 Gravity Bind
3 Just Desserts
2 Magic Cylinder
2 Ojama Trio
3 Secret Barrel
2 Solemn Warning
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