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Dragon with Spellcaster. Good Idea?

Phantasy Dreamz

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[center]Don't really know how effective or abusives this card can be, but yeah. Comment, rate, criticize, help. Alls well.


[i]You cannot activate this card if you control a face-up Synchro Monster. Destroy all monsters on the field, except for Spellcaster-Type and Dragon-type monsters. Dragon-Type Monsters you control cannot be destroyed by a card effect(s), until the End Phase. Spellcaster-Type monsters you control cannot be targeted by a card effect(s), until the End Phase. Send all face-up monsters you control to the Graveyard during the End Phase, and take 1000 damage.[/i]

I was thinking about adding the [u]"Activate only while you control a face-up Dragon/Spellcaster."[/u]
So it can't be thrown in just any deck. What do you think?[/center]

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