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Gemini deck

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I've made a gemini deck, but I think it needs some changes. I'm only using cards I have now, so it could be that I don't use your comment because I don't have the card(s) you want me to use.
[url=spoiler=some of the cards I have
Some of the cards I have (and are not in the deck) are listed below, I have more cards.

1X kelbek
1X wall of illusion
3X future samurai (maybe even 4, but 3 is the max.)
1X fortress warrior
1X dawnbreak gardna
1X Chthonian emperor dragon
1X Magical reflect slime
1X Gemini lancer

uspell and trap cards:/u
1X united we stand
2X hidden armory
2X gemini spark
2X herculean power
1X Xing Zhen Hu
1X Metal reflect slime
3X raigeki break
2X kunai with chain
2X rising energy
2X lightning vortex
3X trap hole
1X magic drain
3X sakuretsu armor
2X scrap-Iron scarecrow
1X magic cylinder
1X Mystical space typhoon
2X burden of the mighty
2X vylon matter

And a lot more cards
/spoiler][/url][b][u][size="4"]Main Deck (42)[/size][/u][/b]
[b][u]Monsters (27):[/u][/b]
[u]level 4 or lower Monsters (22):[/u]
2X featherizer
1X Gemini Summoner
1X gemini scorpion
1X goggle golem
1X gemini lancer
1X crusader of endymion
3X Evocator Chevalier
3X blazewing butterfly
2X ancient gear knight
2X Dark valkyria
2X Tuned magician
2X Gemini soldier
[u]level 5 or higher monsters (5):[/u]
2X Phoenix gearfried
1X grasschopper
1X knight of the red lotus
1X chthonian emperor dragon

[b][u]Spells (9):[/u][/b]
1X United we stand
1X dark factory of mass production
1X monster reborn
1X polymerization
2X supervise
2X cursed armaments
1X release restraint wave

[b][u]Traps (6):[/u][/b]
1X gemini trap hole
1X divine wrath
1X dark bribe
1X gemini counter
1X trap stun
1X gemini booster

[b][u][size="3"]Extra deck (12)[/size][/u][/b]
1X superalloy beast raptinus
1X dragon knight draco-equiste
2X X-saber urbellum
1X black brutdrago
2X gaia knight, the force of earth
1X Iron chain dragon
1X colossal fighter
1X scrap archfiend
1X ancient fairy dragon
1X stardust dragon
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Gemini is not a deck type. If you're going to make a deck based AROUND Gemini-Monsters, your best bet is Gemini Beat, which you should be able to find a decklist for if you look it up. Chevalier, Neos Alius with Stratos, Phoenix Gearfried, Supervise, Phoenix Blades, etc.

You should also use max Gemini Sparks.

If you want to make a deck based around something more specific, let me know, but as-is what I told you is your best bet.

Other considerations:
Future Samurai
Crusader of Endymion
Honest (Since you'll be running a lot of LIGHT monsters)
Thunder King Rai-Oh

For Spells and Traps, you need staples...
[1]Giant Trunade
[2]Mystical Space Typhoon
[1]Dark Hole
[2]Bottomless Trap Hole
[1]Mirror Force
[1]Torrential Tribute
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