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Wrong Wire and Rugburn

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Wrong Wire
Activate this card only when an opponent's card effect would negate the effect of a card on the field that involves inflicting effect damage. Negate your opponent's card effect and remove it from play. Any effect damage your opponent takes until the End Phase after this card's activation is doubled.

When either player takes damage, add 1 'Burn Counter' to this card. When this card is removed from the field, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the number of 'Burn Counters' on this card x the number of cards on their side of the field x 300. You can remove 1 'Burn Counter' from this card to destroy it.
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[quote name='Maha Guns' timestamp='1301101745' post='5096669']
i love Rugburn but not Wrong Fire,

Wrong fire is like a useless, but maybe an option in side Deck. If you didnt know your enemy, then side-decked would be wise

Thanks. Although I almost feel Rugburn is overpowered in a way. I mean, it's effect essentially means there's no way for your opponent to get rid of it without taking damage, and in a burn deck, you could easily get 5-6 counters on this card in a matter of a couple turns. If your opponent even has just 3 cards and you get rid of this with 5 counters, that's 4500 damage right there, and if they tried to negate it and you used Wrong Wire, you win.

With Wrong Wire, I was thinking in a situation like: opponent has Stardust and attacks my face-down Blast Sphere with another monster, during their standby phase they try and negate Blast Sphere with Stardust, I spring Wrong Wire and not only eliminate their Stardust, but deal double the damage I would've normally dealt. Granted, it would only see use in a burn deck's side deck, but it could be useful in some situations, like the situation above with Rugburn.

But yeah, thanks for your comment! :)

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