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Traditional Empty Jar


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3 A/D Changer
1 Cyber Jar
2 Deep Diver
1 Morphing Jar
1 Sangan
1 Witch of the Black Forest
1 Fiber Jar
1 MoF
- 11 -

3 A Feather of the Phoenix
7 Books
1 Card Dest
1 GT
1 Pot
1 Charity
1 Painful Choice
2 Shallow Grave
2 Magical Stone Excavation
3 Duality
3 Upstart
1 D.D.burial
- 29 -

It's as good as it looks.
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[quote name='Batteryman B)' timestamp='1301185606' post='5098993']
Which is terrible
The fact its in trad? or did you mean Witch?

[quote name='Tsukasa Hiiragi' timestamp='1301186410' post='5099027']
Isn't the shallow grave supposed to be mained in these decks?
This is an OTK/FTK deck, so no.

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trunade is useful for retrieving set quickplays. also, since it doesn't destroy, you run less risks. very little defends against bouncing. also, if a player is about to lose all his sets, he'll chain them for fun. if a player isn't going to lose them, he might hesitate on some of those. trunade is generally better in empty jar.

also, why WOULDNT you use shallow? ftk empty jar runs shallow. all the time.

fiber seems oddly counter-productive here

i see no hand dest which is a bit better imo. also, 3 diver seems excessive.

a ddburial would be a nice addin.
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