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This is really making me mad. How do I add picture to a topic??? How??? Can someone help me, please.


I have tried to add image like this


but it keep on saying "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board."





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Tell you what, i will help you, IF YOU POST IN THE RIGHT SECTION! seriously what made you want to post this here!

Tell you what, instead of bashing a new member who does something wrong, HELP HIM/HER FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT! Seriously, what made you want to post that here?


Mister Rahl, despite the fact that this is the wrong section to post this in, since you appear to be new, I will help you anyway.


Most likely, you are using an image whose path is invalid.



C:\Documents and Settings\Billy\Desktop\My Cards\createcard.php.jpg






The solution is this:


Upload the image you want to a image sharing site like TinyPic or Photobucket. There, you will receive 4 image URLs. Take the one labeled "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" and copy/paste it into your topic.


For the latter, you chose the one labeled "URL for E-Mail & IM." That will also trigger the Image Extension error.


Also, if it is a card you are trying to place in the topic, do not right-click and select "Copy Image Location." It will not work.


Next time you have a question, place it in the Questions and Help Forum.

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I had this problem a few days ago. As said saving the image to paint and then upload it to tinypics is the best way to get around it. You could also try to find a different image of it.


Now since the question has been answered, and to end the drama, I'm locking this. If you still have problems pm me, or ask in Q&A section.

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Guest Icyblue

Ugh Flame Dragon... You literally REMOVE the Drama and Reprimand them both.

I am all for a healthy discussion in CC, in fact I absolutely love them. But please, carry out any kind of conversation that was here (which was blatantly negative) over PM. That's what it's for.


That means you Kirby and Newfie.

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