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Icarus Glads (Shift) Anti-Meta Glads!

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G-Beasts -- Icarus Theme
Monsters (16)
G-Beast Lanista x 3
G-Beast Laquari x 2
G-Beast Equeste x 3
G-Beast Bestiari x 1
G-Beast Retiari x 1
G-Beast Darius x 2
Test Tiger x 3
Blackwing - Gale x 1

Spells (14)
MST x 2
Giant Trunade x 1
Dark Hole x 1
Shrink x 3
Forbidden Lance x 3
Monster Reborn x 1
Proving Grounds x 3

Traps (10)
Mirror Force x 1
Solemn Warning x 2
Solemn Judgement x 1
Chariot x 2
Call of the Haunted x 1
Icarus Attack x 3

Side Deck:
Ancient Forest x 3
D. Fissure x 3
Compulsory Evacuation Device x 2
G-Beast Murmillo x 1
G-Beast Homplomus x 2
My Body as a Shield x 1
Book of Moon x 1
Torrentrial Tribute x 1
Call of the Haunted x 1

Extra Deck:
Gyzarus x 2
Heraklinos x 2
Stardust Dragon x 1
Black Rose Dragon x 1
Blackwing Armor Master x 1
Brionac x 1
Trishula x 2

Anything else?
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[quote name='Battlestorm' timestamp='1301808806' post='5110136']
sub forest for lances imo. or sub 2 shrinks for lances. sub a samnite and d fissure for warning and the last d fissure for judgment and you can move the d fissures to side.

I migh just do his one, except in reverse. First duel Ill set up for Fissure Glads, and then I'll go in for Lance Glads during the second match. It just might throw the opponent off seeing two types of fighting styles with them

So, these are the current cards you guys would suggest?

+2/3 Forbidden Lance
+2 Thunder Kigs
+2 Warnings
+1 Judgement
+1 Proving Ground

-2 Waboku
-1 Darius

Deck Updated! What do u guys think? I know Sides are incomplete, anything?
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Surely MST is better than Extermination? Best play 2 of it rather than 2 Nobleman and 1 MST I think.

I don't really see any use in test tigers or samnites. I think I'd rather see Andal and Cydras. Maybe dustshoot too seeing as people don't generally set hand against GB.
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Test Tigers are supricilgly good in this fromat :o They can set up for quick tag outs and are extreamly useful when backed up by Giant Trunade. Thunder-Kings on the other hand...they weren't looking too well. I'll side those. I'll try out Trapdush Shot. Its interesting.

Also, for Cyber Drags, I might run a couple as sides...and Andal? really? (plz explain why).

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[quote name='Fraz' timestamp='1301963780' post='5115184']
Because andal has 1900 attack.

That's a good point, I guess. I'll try out a set up with Andal instead of Thunder Kings.
Note: Thunder Kings were not good with Glad Beasts. They usually got in the way of Sammy and Equeste's effects which wasn't pleasent >.> Definately adding Trap Dust Shot to my sides. 2 of them Kill Six Sams if you activate it just right :D

I'll edit the deck list tmro.

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Oh lol >.<! Looks like I've misplayed Thunder King with Equeste. Well I'm not used to playing Thunder King anyway :/. As for Sammy, he's pretty when comboed with either Forbidden Lance or Shrink as a +1 searcher and when I switch to Ancient Fissure Glads, he's a good defense fodder that can get rid of a greatly powerful monster. I might side a Homplomus when switching to Ancient Fissure Glads...maybe 2.
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Okay, I found a format that is quite awesome. Icarus Glads. Not only that, but I sided cards that can easily shift to Anti-Meta Glads. Anything you would recommend?

This format is crazy...cuz it switches tactics very easily from an Icarus Beatdown to an Anti-Meta Removal Tactic that just might throw the opponent off!
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