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POLL: Should Treeborn Frog be Banned next list?

Should Treeborn Frog be Banned?  

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  1. 1. Should Treeborn Frog be Banned?

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It should' date=' because Premature Burial prevents its use, and Premature Burial is a banned card, making Treeborn Frog overpowered.





no frog will not be banned.


easily done away with by DD Crow or macro decks.

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I Torrential Tibute my Frog when I normal summon it, it's like a Rageki only overpowered because I get the Frog back.


Overpowered, ban Frog


When I play my Decree Monarchs, it completly shut down my opponent because that combo is overpowered.


A Lengendary Ocean makes Frog too strong.


Ban it.

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i bet i could crush you in a duel


Sure. Let's play a children's card game in which we place pieces of cardboard on a table, give them special abilities, and let them attack the persons playing this game. I'd love to see how you'll "crush" me. One condition: I'm not wasting good money on pieces of printed cardboard. You can buy me the cards for my deck.

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