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Final Fantasy RP NEW FEATURE!: Enemey Guide

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Here's the story: An evil organization, called Kumori, is trying to resurrect a great and terrible evil that almost destroyed the universe 200 years ago. Now a resistance group, called Tegotae, is recruiting fighters who want to stop the Kumori in their tracks before they can use the power to take over the world. And that's where you come in...


you can join Kumori (bad guys)



or you can join Tegotae (good guys)


types of fighters (you may have 2nd class but you have to train for it and it has to be in your group i.e.:Kumori/Tegotae):

Dragoon (both), Beginning Stats: HP: 150 ATK Range: 9-20 weapon, magically 6-13, and Skillfully 12-21 MP: 30

Samurai (Tegotae), Beginning Stats: HP: 120 ATK Range: 6-15 weapon, magically 6-13 +/-, and Skillfully 12-21 +/- MP: 30

Ninja (Kumori)

Warrior (Kumori)

Berserker (Tegotae)

White Mage (Tegotae), Beginning Stats: HP: 85 ATK Range: 1-5 weapon, magically 17-24 +/-, and Skillfully 10-20 +/- MP: 70

Black Mage (Kumori), Beginning Stats: HP: 85 ATK Range: 1-5 weapon, magically 17-28, and Skillfully depends on what skills you make MP: 75

Summoner (Both)

Cleric (Tegotae)

Archer (Both)

Specialist (Kumori)

Freelancer (Tegotae)

Geomancer (Tegotae), Beginning Stats: HP: 90 ATK Range: 1-7 weapon, magically 15-24 +/-, and Skillfully 10-18 +/- MP: 50

Black Belt (Kumori)

Necromancer (Kumori)

Solder (Tegotae)

Ex-Solder (Kumori), Beginning Stats: HP: 140 ATK Range: 7-18 weapon, magically 9-14, and Skillfully 13-22 MP: 30


You can chose anyone of the above classes and race is only human. If you need a definition of any classes ill give it to you.


Heres the Sign Up Sheet



Skill's (may be kept a secret):

Magic (may be kept a secret):


Tegotae Members:


Name:Axel Swift

Class:Samurai (Tegotae)

Skill's (may be kept a secret):Angel's blade,Heal,Angel's grace,Heaven's wrath.

Magic (may be kept a secret):White magic

created by AZERAT


Name: Simon Foxshadow

Class: Geomancer

Skill's (may be kept a secret): Pitfall, Demon Fire, Heal, Defend, Gusty Wind, Quicksand

Magic (may be kept a secret): Elemental

Created by redmario


Name: Kevin Truelove

Class: White Mage (Tegotae)

Skill's (may be kept a secret): Healing Spell and alot more

Magic (may be kept a secret): White Magic Attack, Healing Spell, Snow Tornado, Snow Shield, and Snow Ball.

Created by Lord Tobi


Name:matthew Kid

Class: Dragoon (Tegotae)

Skill's (may be kept a secret): extreme sword fighting,

Magic (may be kept a secret): magic to do with swords and things like knives, can change a metal to a really good sword.

Created by Ferroboy720


Kumori Members:


Name: Omushiba (take that Steven Bray)

Class: Ex-Solder

Skill's (may be kept a secret): Whats Left?, One Bullet, Aim, Reload, Lucky Shot, Beer Bottle Bang,

Magic (may be kept a secret): All Lv. 1 spells

Created by FF7revelution


Name: Baralai Sugio

Class: Dragoon (Kumori)

Skills: Jump/Super Jump, Lancer

Magic: Sword Magic (enchanting weapons with Elemental power), Time/Space Magic (Haste, Slow, Demi etc.). Wyvern Summoning

Weapon: Long Spear

Created by StevenBray



No Godmodding

No acting like your the boss cause I am unless I give the RP over to someone else

No overpower characters


LVL Guide:

AZERAT(Axel Swift) is LVL. 2 HP: 170 ATK Range: 11-20 weapon, magically 15-23 +/-, and Skillfully 20-29 +/- MP: 40 Gil: 50

Limit Break: Samurai's Blade


redmario(Simon Foxshadow) is LVL. 3 HP: 150 ATK Range: 11-17 weapon, magically 25-34 +/-, and Skillfully 20-29 +/- MP: 110 Gil: 295

Limit Break:Elemental Rush


Super Gamesmaster Yaddisac(Alessandra Valtiel) is LVL. 6 HP: 245 ATK Range: 26-30 weapon, magically 42-53, and Skillfully does not apply for this characters skill MP: 205 Gil: 3100

Limit Break: Burst Flare

Item Slot: Demon's Spear



FF7revelution(Omushiba) is LVL. 5 HP: 340 ATK Range: 27-38 weapon, magically 29-34, and Skillfully 33-42 MP: 70 Gil: 580

Limit Break: Quick Draw

Item Slot: Potion


StevenBray(Baralai Sugio) is LVL. 3 HP: 250 ATK Range: 19-30 weapon, magically 16-23, and Skillfully 22-31 MP: 50 Gil: 300

Limit Break: Spear Play


Lord Tobi(Kevin Truelove) is LVL. 5 HP: 220 ATK Range: 21-26 weapon, magically 37-44 +/-, and Skillfully 30-40 +/- MP: 200 Gil: 750

Limit Break: Ultimate Ice

Item Slot: Nothing currently equipped


Ferroboy720(Matthew Kid) is LVL. 2 HP: 200 ATK Range: 14-25 weapon, magically 11-18, and Skillfully 17-26 MP: 40 Gil: 50

Limit Break: Sword Dragon


World map:

Great Plans

Forgotten Bog

Wild Plains


Dorgas Town

Grim Temple

Amarah Monastery



Weapon Shop:

1. Swift Spear (Requires Level 3 and must also be Dragoon Class) (Gives the chance to make an extra attack if the user attacks regularly) 400 Gil

2. Big Rifle (Requires Level 7 and must be Ex-Solder or Solder Class) (Can hold 30 bullets at once) 1500

3. Elemental Dagger (Requires Level 3 and must also be Geomancer Class) (Gives a chance for the user to steal MP) 200 Gil

4. Advanced Slaying Sword (Requires Level 3 and must also be Samurai Class) (adds a +3 to all attacks made by this sword) 1200 Gil

5. Cloudy Staff (Requires Level 3 and must also be White Mage Class) (Adds +5 to all healing spells done by the user of this weapon) 1500

6. Balus Rod (Requires Level 3 and must be Black Mage Clas) (Gives +4 on all Black Magic Spells) 1500

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Item Shop:

1. Potion (restores one party members HP by 100) 20gil

2. Phoenix Down (restores one party member back to life with 1/4 health) 50gil

2. Ether (restores one party members MP by 30) 70gil


NEW FEATURE!:Enemy Guide:


Field Bore



Giant Wilderbeast



Big Goblin




Mini Boss:

Tegotae Goon

Kumori Assassins



Adult Field Dragon

Ankylo, Guardian of the Light

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Bray: I guess that came out wrong. Anyone can be really powerful, I figure, if they so choose. 'Specially if they're EPIC FAIL otherwise. Role playing is living out what you want to live in reality, but can't. If you're the type who wants to be able to strive for things, you make your character weak at the beginning. If you want to be completely in control, you make your character incredibly powerful and able to take charge at any time. If you don't make your character the way you want to be in real life, you defeat the purpose of RPing. That's my stance on things. I'm a hyper-dominant type, so I make myself able to take control of others, which is what I'd like to do in reality.

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