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Baboon Return (not really)


Or something along those lines.


Monsters: 20


1 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest

2 Manticore of Darkness

3 Raiza the Storm Monarch


1 Card Trooper

3 Exiled Force

3 Giant Rat

1 Gigantes

1 Injection Fairy Lily

1 Neo-Spacian Gran Mole

3 Nimble Momonga

1 Sangan


Spells: 14


1 Brain Control

3 Card of Safe Return

2 Creature Swap

3 Foolish Burial

1 Heavy Storm

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Pot of Avarice

1 Premature Burial


Traps: 6


1 Call of the Haunted

1 Mirror Force

3 Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane

1 Torrential Tribute

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I'll explain it for fun.


Baboon defines aggro; 2600 ensures that it won't be destroyed by mere attacking. 3 Foolish Burial and Trooper lets it hit GY rather easily. When it comes back, Card of Safe Return for draw; 1000 LP offset by Nimbles.


Manticore loop is a famous 3 card combo for infinite draw, which sometimes see action in this deck. 11 targets to bring it back from the GY ensures that it'll maintain field presence for a while. As always, card drawing abuse with Card of Safe Return.


Raiza is the most splashable tribute monster in this format; broken effect and is a viable target for Manticore.


Card Trooper mills cards for GY fun and when combined with Earth Art, allows for toolbox-like play. Also mills for Gigantes. Baboon likes the GY, as does Manticore to an extent. Can't overlook the draw 1 card for more deck speed, not to mention a viable Earth Art target itself.


Exiled is awesome, great for direct attacks with the big beatsticks. Viable Gigantes target; Earth Art + CoSR for more fun. Searchable via Rat puts it over the top.


IFL's 3400 ATK is HUGE. This deck will be making a lot of direct attacks with Exiled, Creature Swap, Vortex, Grand Mole, etc. Searchable via Giant Rat and again, Earth Art + CoSR for fun. 2000 LP loss is supported by Nimbles.


Grand Mole is a prime Rat target, Rat-able, ensures huge direct attacks by Baboon/Lily/whatever, and a great monster in general. Earth Art + CoSR for fun.


Nimbles are a great way to offset Baboon/IFL LP losses, not to mention a great way to bring out Baboon. Creature Swap means you get their monster, a 1000 LP gain, 2 more Nimbles, and a 2600 monkey. Pot two copies back and it's now an awesome Earth Art target.


3 Card of Safe Return ensures that this deck isn't outpaced by decks such as Perfect Circle and the like. Abused beyond belief by Baboon, Manticore, and Earth Art.


Creature Swap combined with Nimble/Rat is just insane; steal their monster, ss, and bring out the big, bad monkey.


3 Foolish allows for a better chance for Baboon/Manticore to hit the GY.

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