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Requesting LOCK


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Ok well yea, I'm making a fan fic a new chapter will be posted each week and I am using a few characters from other fan fics (with the creaters permission of course so to start things off heres the prolog

note: I do not have perfect grammar.

note: I do not usually type so this probably sucks.


Main Characters so far:


Jess Eberhardt


Age: 15

Deck: Cyber Space

Favorite Card: Cyber Space-Robobostien

Joined Spirit: ?

Interests/Background: Yu-Gi-Oh card player since birth. Lives with his older Brother Zigs. Parents died when he was a child. Can be kind of moody or overly dramatic

Victories: 0


Zigs Eberhardt



Deck: Doesn't Duel

Favorite Card: Cyber Stien

Joined Spirit: ?

Interests/Background: Yu-Gi-Oh card collecter, not a duelist. Has a World Championship duelist trophy but still claims he is not a duelist. Takes care of Jess and likes cats and beans.


Bongo Eberhardt



Deck: He's a cat. He doesn't duel.

In Cyber Space:


Luke Trahebe


Age: 14-16

Deck: Unknown

Favorite Card: Unknown

Joined Spirit: ?

Intrests/Background: Uses a lot of slang.




Age: Estimated to be 15

Deck: Galactum

Favorite Card: Galactum- Galexea

Joined Spirit: ?

Intrests/Background: Unknown.



[spoiler= Chapter 1] 1



Jess Eberhardt is playing on his computer. He is always playing on his computer. Today is different. He is going to break the all time record of most ships shot down on his favorite Star Wars game.


Jess- Yes. Yes, just 1 more ship and-


A pop up appeared


Jess- No. No, why does the internet hate me. My all time record ruined by this stupid pop up.


Jess hit his computer then closed out of the pop up. 3 seconds later the same pop up appeared.


Jess- What the heck?


Jess closed out of the pop up again but it appeared again.


Jess- Great, now I gotta restart the computer.


Jess reached for the shut down button.


Computer- Do not close this message. Please answer the following questions.

Jess- What? I don't wanna.

Computer- Question 1: how many ATK points does Gogiga Gagagigo have?

Jess- Shut up. I don't care.


Jess hit his computer again.


Computer- 5, 4, 3, 2,-

Jess- 2,950. Will you shut up now?

Computer- Correct. What are the only 2 monsters that have over 4900 ATK points?

Jess- Dragon Master Knight and, and um um.

Computer- Correct.


Jess smiled. For once he was glad his computer was a peice of crap.

Jess gave up on trying to shut the computer down. He tried over and over again but the test still continued to ask random questions. Jess didn't mind, he knew everything about YuGiOh and didn't miss a single question. After about a hour of answering easy questions, the computer finally said that the test was finished.


Jess- Finally, now I can get back to my Star Wars.


Jess was playing his game again. After awhile, he was almost back up to beating the all time record when a pop up appeared.


Jess- Why do you hate me? I was just about to cut off Bobo Fett's head and you ruined it. I have so many mixed feelings right now. Rage, Sorrow, intelligent and hungry. Do you know any good taco places?


Computer- One last question.


Jess- What is it? I could do this all day.


Computer- Win this duel.


Jess- What?


Computer- I summon Pyro Returner in face-up ATK position.


Pyro Returner's image filled the computer screen. Then the printer started running and Pyro Returner was in Jess' room.

Computer- I play 2 cards face-down and my turn ends.


Jess- What do I win if you lose this duel? The pop up said "Big Prize"


Computer- Analyzing........ Boy, 15, no mother,


Jess- So what do I win?


Computer- Free Porn.


Jess- :) My turn.

(Jess activates his duel disk)

Jess- Yes, I summon my Cyber Space-Robobostien


Robobostien's image fills the room.


Jess-Now my Robobostien attacks your Pyro Returner.


Computer- Activate trap. Mach Counter.


Computer- I discard 1 card from my hand. Now you take 800 points of damage.



Life Points

Jess: 3200 V.S. Computer: 4000


Computer- Also, since you sent my Pyro Returner to the graveyard, I get to Special Summon 1 FIRE monster from my graveyard.


Jess- You don't have any though.


Computer- The card I discarded to activate my Counter's effect was a FIRE monster. Behold, Fire Demon.


Fire Demon appears

Computer- His effect lets me inflect damage to me but since Mach Counter negates my damage and turns it to you, instead of me losing 1000 Life Points, you lose 2000!




Life Points

Jess: 1200 V.S. Computer: 4000


Jess- I play 1 face-down and end my turn.


Computer- I activate my second face-down card, Dust Tornado to destroy your face-down card.

My turn begins. My Fire Demon destroys your Robobostien and I end my turn.


Life Points

Jess: 1100 V.S. Computer: 4000


Jess- My Move-


Zigs- Jess, dinner is ready


Jess- Not now bro. I'm..... busy


Jess knew Zigs wouldn't believe him if he said he was dueling his computer.


Zigs- Pause the damn video game and come eat.


Jess- But I'm naked.


Zigs- ..... Ok take your time. I don't want you to come out like that. Again.

Jess- Ok but it may be some time.


Jess smiled. Last time he came to dinner naked was funny. It would of been hilarious but his brother's girlfriend was there too. She doesn't come to dinner anymore.


Jess- Ok, I summon my Cyber Space-Samrioto in ATK position.


Jess- My monster attacks your Demon, since Fire Demon is a Level 5 monster, my samori gains 300 extra ATK points. (Samrioto: 2300 ATK)

Samrioto runs quickly at Fire Demon and at the last second, stabs it with his sword.

Computer- No, you destroyed my Demon.

Jess- Not only that, but you lose 400 Life Points.


Life Points

Jess: 1100 V.S. Computer: 3600.


Jess- I play 1 face-down card and end my turn.


Computer- I summon my Unknown Warrior of Fiend in ATK position. I also equipt it with Axe of Despair. (Unknown Warrior of Fiend: 2000)


A axe appears in UWoF's hand.


Computer-Now my Fiend attacks your Samorioto, since my Fiend is Lv 3, your monster loses 300 ATK points.


Jess- That's true, but I activate Rising Energy, so now my samori is up to 3200. All I had to do was discard 1 card from my hand.


Computer- But my monster cannot stop its attack.


Jess- That's the point moron.


Jess now was very glad his computer was a piece of crap.


Life Points

Jess: 1100 V.S. Computer: 2400


Computer- I can do nothing, I end my turn.


Jess- Now I finish it. I play Monster Reborn to bring back Robobostien.

Now both of my monsters finish you off.


Life Points

Jess: 1100 V.S. Comuter: 0


Jess- I win now where's my prize?


Computer- Congrats. Welcome to Cyber Space.


Jess- What?


The room slowly begins to spin. Jess' surroundings turn into a completely white void. Jess closes his eyes.

When Jess opened his eyes he was in a green and black room. There was others there to.


Unknown Voice- Welcome challengers to Cyber Space


Jess looked around.


Jess- I really hate my computer.


END of chapter 1




The Cybernetic World


Jess panics. He never remembered going to a different room.


Jess-This has gotta be a dream. Pinch me ple-oww.

Jess looked around. There was a girl standing behind him.


Jess- Why did you pinch me?

Girl- Because you asked me to.

Jess- Your kidding right? I didn't mean pinch me it's a figure of speech.

Girl- Oh, sorry.

Jess-Whatever. At leased I know I'm not sleeping. Anyway, I'm Jess.


Jess extends his hand to shake hands with the girl but stares at him.


Girl-I'm Selenia.


Jess still stands there with his hand out, looking like an idiot. Instead of Selenia grabbing his hand, a different person, a guy, walks up and shakes it.


Guy- Wazzup, I'm Luke.

Jess-Names Jess. Jess Eberhardt.

Luke- So you know what's crakin up in here?

Jess- What?

Luke- Do you know what's crakin? Are ya pickin up what I'm puttin down?

Jess- Dude, what are you saying?

Luke- Do you know what is going on. Geez.

Jess- No I don't thi-


The room turned black. A spotlight appeared, revealing nothing though. The same voice that bellowed when Jess first found himself in this room started talking again.


Voice- Welcome to Cyber Space. I am the Master Of Cyber Space and I will be your host for the next few periods of time. There are exactly 100 of you here today because-


The voice went on complimenting everyone in the room. Jess turned to Selenia and Luke.


Jess- You know, ever since I got here people have been inturupting me. I don't think that is ve-

Selenia- Shhhhh. I think this guys got something to say.

Jess- You see! Nobody ever lets me fini-

Selenia- Shut up.

Luke- Calm down chick. She with you Jess?

Jess- Naw, she just showed up and pinched my butt.


Jess didn't notice untill he said the word "butt"" that his voice was booming through the room. He didn't remember wearing a microphone but one just appeared on his body. The Master also stopped talking.


Jess- Well NOW you let me finish a sentence.


Nobody heard him. Everyone in the room was still roaring with laughter from Jess mentioning his butt in public.


Master- If you are done Mr. Eberhardt, I would like to continue explaining why you have been transported to an alternate demention.

Jess- Go ahead.

Master- As I was saying, you are all here because you all passed the test.

Luke- You mean that loser test that my phone made me take?

Master- No that test was just a test to see if you were worthy of the real test.

Jess- You mean the duel against my computer?

Master- Yes, or whatever mechanical device you were using at 6:03 PM central time. Anyway, you are here for me. This is what you people call a.... a... Tournament. You will be sent over my little world here to see who is the smartist duelist. Your survival skills will be tested with your duelist skills in the end.

Luke- What do ya mean, dude?

Master- You each will have 5 lives. Those lives will assist you in your travel through the virtual world. Once you lose all 5 lives, Game Over, and you will be, mwhaha, sent home. If you win a duel, you gain a life. However, if you so happen to lose a duel, your lives will automaticlly go directly to 0. You can also find lives or power ups or maybe even cards along your journy. There will be an access point to the mainframe in random places in the trail. There you can check your rank, 1-100, and who has been sent home. I do ask you to-

Luke- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lets just start old dude.

Selenia- Be quiet. This is important.

Master-Indeed. If you must silence him human, do as you must. Ladies and Gentalmen, let us witness the first duel in Cyber Space.


Selenia V.S. Luke


Selenia: I'll start. I activate Fail Trap.


(a bear trap appears in the middle of the duel field)

Selenia: I choose to sent my Galactum-Healer, Galactum-Fighter, Galactum-Saturn......


Selenia kept naming monsters she sent to the Graveyard. All beginning wit "Galactum"


Selenia-Galactum-Moon and Galactum-Black Hole. I send them all to the Graveyard to inflect 1200 points of damage to you. Next I'll remove Saturn and Black Hole from play to Special Summon my Galexea in ATK mode.


(Galexea appears)

Next I activate its effect. I remove the other 10 Galactum monsters from my Graveyard to mark off 5 of your Monster Card Zones.

Luke-All 5? c'mon I need to summon to ya know.

Selenia- I end my turn.


Life Points

Luke: 2800 V.S. Selenia: 3600


Luke- I'll start then. I summon my-

Selenia- You have lost the ability to summon any monsters because your zones are occupied by one of my counters.

Luke- Geez, you could have let me finish. Now I know how that other dude feels.

Jess- Hey!

Luke- Then I'll play 2 cards face-down and end.

Selenia- My move. I play my heavy storm.

Luke- What? Damn your lucky.

Selenia- I will also claim victory this turn. I summon my Healer in ATK mode.


(healer appears)

Selenia- Now finish this pathetic waste of a duelist now.

Galexea and Healer both strike Luke. Luke starts to turn white.


Master- Luke Trahrebe, you are the first loser in Cyber Space. Since we haven't began yet, I will spare you.


Luke's color restores.


Master-Now you know what you will have to do with your duels. You will each be sent to a different part of the Cyber Space world. From there, you must try to make it back to the castle.


Jess looked around. This is a castle? It looks more like a Gothic club.


Master- Begin and good luck!


Jess looked around. The room was spinning. Everything was going thru a white void. Jess could no longer see Selenia or Luke only white. Jess covered his eyes. When he re opened them he was on a beach.


?????- We've been expecting you.

Jess- Who said that.

?????- Humph hahahaha.

Jess- I don't know if I said this before but, I really hate my computer.



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and next part comes out next week.

and I noted I suck at grammar

Well, it's not that so much.


Grammar is a very difficult thing to grasp. And there's many different views on it. Some college professors say you NEVER use a comma unless there is another one in a row with it, but that doesn't make sense much to me.

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