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Like the types of cards one can make' date=' original ones at that. Like how one person did the concept of the Alphebet. Understand?


I have a few concept ideas:


Based on shuffling your Deck.

Completely random


S i yo t n t et o d e f c s.

Being used. =p


Cards which mirror your opponent's.

Based on a villain in Super Paper Mario.

On the Run

Cards which avoid your opponent for 1 turn, then heal the damage.

Based on a book series called "On the Run".


Use spells to gain massive advantage on your opponent.

The more files, the more info on a computer.


A p ci t p f m st r b o u yo r e f c s o t e r g t t r e.

Being used. =p

Like this? =p

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Sar that concept has been done by people who make the nude DMG cards' date=' XD. I like the Raigeki idea unfortunely it would be hard with Raigeki banned.


It wouldn't be hard if you have some skill. ;)

And I've edited the idea quite a bit. ^_^

Yet at the moment, I've only made 1 type of card. ^_^

Other than the obvious. ;)

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I once had an idea for soccer-cards. Anyway if Konami would make cards with all the famous soccer-players on it, they would be sue-ed for using the portrait rights of famous players (you know like Christiano Ronaldo and others). I don't think they would lend their pictures to a cardgame.


Unless they would get a load of money for it.

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