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If you got a girl pregnant would you stay with her?

Serious question here. I don't want any "I wouldn't get her pregnant!"

S*** happens, and its happened to you.

What would you do?


If you don't feel comfortable saying send me a PM and I'll post it no names attached.

(due to the touchenees of the subject)

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Hold it! I did not get any girl pregnant!

It's been on my mind alot for some reason. (thank god i'm single or I would wonder)

Then what's this for the only person on this site *that I know of* that got his girlfriend pregent was Cyberdude.


Send a link please. or did you find out on this forum?

To to post please


Scratch that found it

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OK so that previous problem doesn't repeat itself If your against abortion just let it go. I am too but trust me' date=' some people just aren't worth arguing with.


and its not for the future it just a poll much the abortion hell thread that popped up a while ago.



From that jumble of words... I assume you don't want to argue abortion? Because I can remake that thread, right here if you want. Or elsewhere. (for once, I actually asked a mod if I could, and was told I could, so theres nothing you can do to stop me. Then again, without you, it wouldn't be much of a thread now would it?)

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It doesn't matter if you stay with her or not, you are going to be paying for that kid for a long long time. If you stay with her you have to pay for diapers, food, medical bills (which are HUGE), clothes, toys, baby necessities (crib, high chair, playpen, etc), not to mention the dozens of things I can't think of right now.


If you don't, then get that checkbook ready, because she'll need some way of supporting this kid on her own. Yup, that's right, she'll probably pull for child support. That is going to be HUGE dent on your wallet.


If you have the kid, but put it up for adoption, its not as expensive, but its more of an emotional pain that you are dealing with now. You are asking her to give up her child to someone she doesn't know, and never see that child again.


If you want to argue abortion, please realize you can only do so within the first trimester. After that, abortion is not going to happen.


Staying with her or not is not the question. The question is, are you ready to handle the reprocussions of your actions?

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I think you can get an abortion in the second trimester as well.



If I ever got a girl pregnant (which WOULDN'T HAPPEN, btw)

I'd just move to Canada or Australia to live wit all my Aussie peeps. (I'm crashing at your place for 18 years, Frunk)


Then after 18 years of stealing Frunk's food, I'd find my son(s)/daughter(s), who obviously hate(s) me, then I'd train him/her/them to be (a) UFC fighter(s). Simple as that.

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It all depends i would stay with her if i got her pregnent on purpose' date=' i would leave her if i had so called "raped her" sorry if that offends anybody.



Lol, you'd stay with her if you got her pregnant on purpose? Why would someone leave them if they got them pregnant on purpose? Unless you planned some elaborate scheme where you'd get them pregnant and you knew they wouldn't get an abortion, so you'd just leave the country and make them take care of it? That's pretty sick, dude.


If you raped someone, you really should leave soon, because the cops will probably arrest you for that sort of thing.


And I really doubt they'd want you around if you raped them, ya know.

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