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Another One Of Death's Fill In Da Blank Contest


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Man its been a while since I even did a contest on forum well heres the rules:


1. Be Creative For Bloody Sake

2. Over Powered, Under Powered, I not really giving much care on this since well you know when you see what you be filling in so it can be any kind of powered card

3. Have FUN!


Prizes: *Ques for big large drums to beat*

+3 Rep and all the points I got on me (1st Place)

+2 Rep (2nd Place)

+1 Rep (3rd Place)


Your resources:


(Remember to unspace it, copy it or whatever you do to get a pic of the net and then upload it)


Now for you to see what you will be filling in:


Only thing I want to be strict is...Keep her a spellcaster thats it (the set thing just a odd ball thing their so you are not required to use ROR when making said card), for other things like attribute and etc I don't mind if it should be changed.


Have fun

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