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Activation E-mail problem


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Well, I did an account like 2 months ago and I never received the activation e-mail. I sent messages to a Moderator asking for help, but since I haven't received any answer yet, I had to make another account for reporting this problem, and here I am.


I really need that account activated because it has many, many cards saved (like 102), so I hope you can solve this little problem. Or you could transfer all those cards to this new account and problem solved.


The user with this problem is "Darjulok"


I hope you can help me.

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That's not really the problem. I can actually enter with the Darjulok account, but my status is "Waiting for Activation" (something like that). That's how I could make cards before I did this account. However, I cannot post with that account because of that status. I already tried to resend the Activation E-mail, but after entering my e-mail, an error always appears.

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I also have this problem as I got bored of this account and made another called God Kizza but thats kind of ruined aswell as its the error that keeps appearing over and over which is annoying me alot as I have made quite a few cards on it and plan on making over 300 cards on it but if I can't post them then I'll be very VERY annoyed.So yeah I need help with that to.Well my account God Kizza does...

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