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A concept I recently came past again, the Omnicard. A card that can act as a spell, a trap or a monster, at choise. Well not completely, that would ruin the competitive character of the cards. You have to be lucky in order to use them.


I remember that I am not the first one who came with this concept, so the one that is known as WolfGeneral on FanFiction gets the credit for giving me the idea of creating my own set of Omnicards.


Seal of Arcana Light


Throw a die. Select the cardtype according to the result. When this card is destroyed, pay half of your lifepoints in order to return it to the deck.

- 1 or 6: Equip-spellcard: Increase the ATK of one spellcaster-monster by 400.

- 2 or 5: Counter-trapcard: Negate the direct attack of any non-spellcaster monster.

- 3 or 4: Monster-card: 6/2000/1600/Omni/Light/Spellcaster-effect/this monster cannot be destroyed by fiend-type monsters.

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