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zombie mill deck


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i was thinking about this deck today


and i was liek whats the problem with most mill decks


they use the bistro bucher



and chainsaw insect


this one dosnt


so yhea what do u think


PLEASE help and dont say "fail" or somthing


monster cards 20


moirphing jar

needle worm x3

malice acendant x3

soul absorbing bone tower x3

zombie master x3

pyramid turtle x3

ryu kokki x2

spear cretin x2


the shallowgrave x3

book of moon

card destruction

upstart golbin x3

sword of reavealing light

messenger of peace

card of safe return


magic jammer x3(i have nothing better basically to stop lightning vortex and nobleman or sheild crush)

legacy of yaya garasu x2

robbin zombie

jar of greed x3

ojama trio

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We don't even have Il Blud here (OCG land), and I use a regular Zombie rush :/


That being said, Mystic Tomato will do good in this interesting deck, while Don Zaloog is also and option, plus he too can be recruited with Tomato. Also maybe Vampire Lord?


As for not-so-TCG-friendly card choices, Plague Wolf, along with some Virus Cards, will be a good line of defense.


[edit]Almost forgot Goblin Zombie. A nice way to search for Zombie Master and Plague Wolf.

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