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Does anyone like mainstream music?


Mainstream music?  

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  1. 1. Mainstream music?

    • Yes. I love it!
    • I like a few artists
    • No! They're talentless! All hail indie performers!

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Mainstream arnt classified as bands, its like say theres one really low down band that NOONE has heard of, and they bring out a song, and it becomes instantly popular, then that song becomes mainstream. I HATE mainstream because, for example, i've loved Nickelback for years, and obviously they werent that popular, as other bands, and i always liked the song Rockstar. recently that song became mainstream and now you have all these chavs going around saying 'oh yeah i love nickelback there the best!' and its so annoying because they only say that because they like 1 song.


its like people who like mainstream are just following the crowd and dont even look for their own taste in music. while the people who do like their own bands, are getting judged and rated as freaks, until the bands they like bring out a mainstream song.

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I agree with Azwolop. Same thing happened with DragonForce. They aren't my favorite band, but I've known about them for a while before Guitar Hero III came out. Once Guitar Hero III came out, everyone loved them just because of one song. Now everyone is asking me if I've ever heard of them. :?


Basically, no. I don't like most mainstream music. I like the more unknown stuff no one knows about or probably will never know about.

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Guest JoshIcy

I listen to Hawai'ian music.


Which isn't even mainstream in Hawai'i' date=' other than IZ.



awesome haha, another hawaiian, im not the only one around here....


and some... but i stick to what i like and dont leave...

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