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Project Chanology


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Who heard about this?




This went completely over my head.


I'll try to hold back my opinion, as I have a deep... uhhh, negative emotions towards Scientology and their tactics... so it's best I don't speak on the matter.


But what do you think about it.


Note: the entire article I found interesting.

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"Finally' date=' Anon. is doing good for the whole world!"

This was really the first thing that crossed my mind when I first heard of this.



Same here, I was very surprised to hear they were the ones responsible for this.


Also, it was a very nice touch with the Guy Fawkes masks.


For the past 3 hours I've been learning a lot about this movement and about the church in general. Overall, it's just supported my negative opinion of it even more.


There isn't much left to interpretation on this matter. Scientology is really bad.

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Scientology is a joke and quite possibly the stupidest cult to ever exist.


And I wouldn't fully belive anything from 4chan.


Check on Youtube it shows the protests. Idk why none of the news channels covered it :/

I guess it's how Japan never covers news about Souka Gakkai (basically the Japanese Scientology - both are famous and have celebs in it)... the media sees it as being some what taboo.

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Scientology? Who cares! If you like it' date=' you like it. If you don't, you don't. Let sleeping dogs lie, I say...thats just my opinion.



You can say that since you don't know a whole lot about it, but Scientology has been, and still is involved in a lot of criminal activity. Including brainwashing, stealing documents from the United States Government, Google "Project Snow White" if you want to learn more about it.


http://www.xenutv.com/trust/policevideo.htm <<<

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XD i went and im going to another protest the may 15 8)

u guys need to keep up on ur internets

anyways what ppl dont get is we dont care what they believe! We care what the chruch is doing to ppl ect. We want to tare down the chruch and make free churches for worship.

The funny thing is 1/2 the fallowers dont know what scientology is even about. >.< i asked ppl about theatens and Xenu i get shrugges anyways...

We will win this great internet war

We are Anonymous, We are legion , We do not forgive, We do not forget.

Expect us.

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This raid is pretty much fail, imo. At first it had potential but now, ""Finally, Anon. is doing good for the whole world!"" This is not something anon stands for. Every since that fox news thing it's been filled with newf-I could go on, but then no one would care to read what I wrote

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I've been following the entire thing since his very beginning.


It's epic.


Scientology will fall in a year. No matter what.


They are also unbelievably... weird. They think that Anonymous are infact brainwashed by the supporters of Xenu. WHA?


Also, the true reason why Anonymous is attacking isn't really the Tom Cruise video, it's the fact that Scientology wanted Encyclopedia Dramatica to delete all their articles on Scientology, and when they refused, Scientology wanted to do the job themselves.


Attacking ED is like attacking Anonymous' WTC. That's why they'll never give up.

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personally i beileve all religion is wrong due to factors such as creationism, i also beileve that religion has killed more people than it has saved for that reason i enjoy my atheist status and hope many will join me.

I don't know about wrong, necessarily. But this isn't really a religious debate.
But I also believe that what Scientology is, or has become, isn't really a religion. At least not the type of religion that should get tax exempt status.

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