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Pro Stratagy Tiem!

Chaos Pudding

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Guest Chaos Pudding


1x Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle

1x Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus


Strategy: Have Pegasus face-up on the field. Play Eagle. Send Pegasus to the top of your deck. Next turn, draw Pegasus. Play Pegasus. Play another Crystal Beast from your deck. Win the duel.


Pros: You get to use your Pegasus again! Yay!

Cons: There are none!


Counters: If your opponent does it first, you are screwed, so be sure to pull this off as fast as possible.


Other Options: You can play Double Summon and play another Eagle if you have 2 Pegasuses on the field. That way, you will get a Pegasus for 2 turns!

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