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Character scans of Yu-gi-oh 5-D

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Main character Name:Fudou Yuusei (it seems since johan was such a big success in terms of popularity,they decided to design the main character after him.)



Rival:Jack Atlas (anyone think this is a poor attempt of brining seto kaiba back into the series.)


Friend:Izayoi Aki


Supporting characters:Rua and Ruka



credited to pizzaman

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Uh, actually, almost every original Yu-Gi-Oh! character design was far better than these. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX designs sucked, but then again, pretty much everything on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX sucked compared to the original so...

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Person 1: My god' date=' that looks godawful

Person 2: lol Kaiba wannabe

Person 3: Looks okay, but they eyes don't fit.

Person 4 and 5: Cute, but not the best. And what the hell is the word Naruto under there?


Conclusion: Terrible character design in my opinion.



lol, it does say Naruto near bottom.

I don't think they're terrible. They're okay I guess.

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If they really want to make the show darker, they should stop with the card games and go back to the Shadow Games like the ones from the first series anime, where people get tormented for being thieves and stuff. There's a limit to how dark and sinister something can be when you're playing the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, and that first character looks like he's trying to cross that line. Can you see him playing something in Defense Mode? Can you? I didn't think so. He's the type who would go around lighting peoples' alcohol on fire while it's flowing onto their bodies.


The second character, as everyone said, is like Kaiba except that he looks stupider.


The third one doesn't look right at all. The colours seem to clash somewhat.


The last two...eh. I'm not really impressed.

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If you want dark you'll know it's all about the action rather than the way you look. So while he looks dark he could just be a punk,If you want dark look at some sheet that happened in the original series of yu-gi-oh.


Here's a few things you didn't know in a arc of yu-gi-oh


1.Did you know Joey like pornography and he wants offered yugi outside of school a censored pornographic video for him to borrow.


2.Joey got suspicious of Tea's after school activities and came to the conclusion that Tea was prostituting with older men,only for yugi to blush and deny it.


3.When following Tea,Yugi and Joey hid,and Joey pretended he was a reporter looking for a scoop,only for yugi to tell him it's not a porno.


4.Yami yugi playing a shadow game with a shoe owner in which their a bunch of coins in a shoe along with a scorpion and each person must get as many coins as possible without getting stung.


well the guy died and yugi without knowing what happened called an ambulance and though that the guy was still ok.


5.yami yugi burning alive an escape convict in shadow game as well in another format for a show game he did exactly the same thing to student in class-d but the name of the shadow game format involved some kind of death ice hockey.


6.Another shadow game in which yami yugi and a bully (the one in the flashback in 4 kids who beat up joey and Tristan you know the one) from school played a shadow game in which they each placed a pile of money on top of their hand and then try to stab the money on top of their hand with a knife in order to collect a pile of money the winner gets to keep all the money.


the guy lost and went insane after yami yugi impose a penalty game on him.


7.Tristan tries to strangle yugi at one point... it had to do with tristan liking this girl.


8.Joey father being a fat alcoholic,Joey lifting up tea's skirt with a T-square during class time.


9.Kaiba's first meeting with yugi,he tried to switch the blue eyes card with a fake,only for yami yugi and him ending up playing duel monsters and kaiba losing and being locked away in a card and the world of duel monsters for an entire night.


10.Shadi test a man's heart,the guy was sitting on a chair. After the guy failed shadi test,he chair became a mosnter and consumed him head first.


So in my eyes the arc before the series was the best not only was their a variety of games but we got to understand the characters better as well as people in their surrounding area.


basically yami yugi was like a serial killer in this version with menacing grin on his face,and always asking people to play games,he manifest when yugi is in deep emotion stress.

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