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Wind-Up Deck


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[u]Purpose:[/u] I'm hopping to use the full force of the Wind-Up effects to easily swarm the field with monsters so I may be able to XYZ summon. There is also the side chance of Synchro summoning, but the basis is for XYZ summoning.

*Wind-Up Bat (x1)
*Wind-Up Soldier (x3)
*Wind-Up Magician (x3)ag
*Wind-Up Dog (x2)
*Wind-Up Warrior (x2)
*Wind-Up Snail (x2)
*Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon (x1)
*Genex Ally Birdman (x1)
*Blade Knight (x1)
*Gagaga Magician (x2)

*Dark Hole (x1)
*Wind-Up Factory (x3)
*Zenmailfunction (x1)
*Star Changer (x1)
*Legendary Wind-Up Key (x1)
*Reinforcement of the Army (x1)
*Mystical Space Typhoon (x2)
*Heavy Storm (x1)
*Book of Moon (x1)
*Monster Reborn (x1)

*XYZ Veil (x2)
*Bottomless Trap Hole (x1)
*Torreintal Tribute (x1)
*Waboku (x1)
*Call of the Haunted (x1)
*United Front (x1)
*Threatening Roar (x1)
*Zenmairch (x1)

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]
*Gachi Gachi Gantetsu (x1)
*Number 34: Terror-Byte (x1)
*Number 17: Levianthan Dragon (x1)
*Wind-Up Zenmaister (x1)
*Number 10: Illumiknight (x1)
*Number 39: Utopia (x2)
*Genex Ally Triforce (x1)
*Stardust Dragon (x1)
*Colossal Fighter (x1)

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