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See the Power of the Orichalcos











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Pop culture section please
And also not original because you are just copying already made cards... and the pictures are awful.
What made me lawl is how kyutora's pic showed 1000 atk but he only has 500...
Also, well, actually not much else to say, but the effects are ridiculous. Like losing your soul. I mean what??
Don't mean to be a party pooper or anything but these cards don't belong here.

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[quote name='Beast1983' timestamp='1321568378' post='5649242']
but these r there real effects u just can't change there effects just because it's stupid.

check on the internet and see what the effect of the oichalcos is
[/quote]I know what the orichalcos is
And I know that these are the exact effects
........So there's no creativity whatsoever then

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