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Lady Ninja Yae

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[center][quote]Discard 1 WIND monster to the Graveyard; return all Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls to the hand.[/quote][/center]
[center]I dunno, since today is the 8th, I decided to post a monster with ATK of the following month.[/center]
[center]Nov.=11th Month x 100= 1100[/center]
[center]So yeah, discuss.[/center]

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[quote name='Tentacruel' timestamp='1320849376' post='5628252']
Trunade was only good because of the abuse with your own cards.
If this was LEvel 4, it'd not be half bad =T

And Trunade was also an OTK supporter that dodged Destruction Negation, so what are you talking about?

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