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Tri-Wave Blast [Random hand destruction]


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[quote]Banish up to 3 cards from your hand: Remove from play the same number of cards from your opponents hand -1. When this Set card is destroyed by a card effect: Target 1 random card in your opponent's hand; send that target to the Graveyard.[/quote]

I definitely think it's balanced, because at most it's a -1 to you, despite the fact that it focuses heavily on hand removal; you have to banish your own cards, too.

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[quote name='Twilight Sparkle' timestamp='1320795840' post='5627090']
-2? Da fuq? Get rid of the hole "-1" there. It's meh enough.

And the only abuse is banishing a D.D. Scout Plane for an amazing 800 beater at the end phase.

Really? I could see some fun combos with this, especially along the lines of banishing your own Rabbit, etc., clearing your opponent's hand (this would own DW), then bringing your own stuff back and leaving your opponent useless.

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