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[BFG] Area of Transfer - Single Spell Card

BFG Studios

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[b]Target 1 monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it to your opponent's side of the field. Your opponent cannot use the target to Summon another type of monster. As long as the target remains on your opponent's side of the field: Increase the ATK of all face-up monsters you control by 500.[/b]

It works well if you give them a low power monster too... gives your monsters an okay boost if you need to get back on your feet, or you want to ensure overkill on your opponent :P

Hope y'all like it... let me know what you think

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Interesting. =]

Alrighty, so you summon a monster to their field. Give your monsters a boost, run over the front line... That's all i see this for.
Against a gantetsu, that'd be funny. Their line has a 400 point boost, play this and your front line has a 500 point boost. How awesome.

It's pretty solid, though i don't see it being used much if it was real.



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