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Rose Duelists... My first fan fic... ever... for any site etc....


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Guest JoshIcy

please be patient with me on this, this is my first EVER attempt at a fan fic, i will work out the bugs as i kill time during school lol

all intros will be done in a Last Name, First Name format so that their nicknames may be said first.....



Hawaii, and starts off on the Big Island....


Main Character(s)

Central Character: Blue, Jordan

Deck Type: Machine

Rose Deck Leader: Ancient Gear Soldier

Gender: Male


Secondary Character: Emerald, Marley.. AKA Emmy

Deck Type: Zombie

Rose Deck Leader: Queen of the Vampires- Lilith

Gender: Female


Villain: Professor Darkhavon

Deck Type: Fiend

Rose Deck Leader: Raviel Lord of Phantasms

Gender: Male


Rival Character: ?????, simply known as "Cloaks"

Deck Type: Anime Card based, Naruto mainly

Rose Deck Leader: Pain- Akatsuki Leader

Gender: ?????, unknown face and body unknown....


Story Plot

A young boy by the name of "Jordan Blue" becomes interested in a Popular Card game, world renowned as "Yu-Gi-Oh". A casual gamer and cardplayer Blue never thought about doing much. He got moderate grades at school, never had many friends, cept' a few and planned to go to a 4 year college just long enough to get a stable job. But a kid at school sees him counting his deck and revising it, checking for errors and whatnot.. They decide to walk up to him.....

"Hey, wanna buy some Yu-Gi-Oh cards?" asks the boy."Ive got some really cool ones like Exodia and Blue Eyes...."

Blue responds kindly, "No thanks, i only buy from reputable card dealers, if you want to sell me some ask the people at one of those stores to sell them for you. I just might buy them."

The boy angrily responds, "Listen here, buy some or ill.....!"

A teacher passing by notices the angry boy and pulls him out of the classroom. I hear some murmurs about him being referred to the principal and even suspended, my heart jumps with excitement.... Just then the teacher walks in to see what the fuss is about. "Oh my son plays that game, he got invited to Niihau to play at some island wide tournament. And he said he could bring along 2 friends, but he doesnt have any... Would you like to go with him? You seem like a modest and honest young boy", speaks the teacher.

"Sure", i excitedly respond. "But since there is one other person left to bring, may i bring her?"

"No funny stuff but sure", she smiles. She then hands me a note card giving me the details of the boatride and when to be there.


I was soon to find out this was only the beginning.....

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Guest JoshIcy

Chapter 1: The Boat Ride


A few weeks later i arrive at the boat dock. A strange man wearing a black tuxedo and a odd shaped necklace, bearing the eye of Ra. I hand him my passport and ticket, and I board safely. As i get up on the deck a man Bumps into me... angrily he says, "Got a problem punk?"

"No I dont... seems like you do though", I smirked. The man growled at me....

"Lets Duel, or are you chicken?"

"Sure lets go."


Duel Start

Both players shuffled their decks.

Both players drew 5 cards.

"Should i go first", I replied catiously.

"Might as well, ill give you a head start", he laughed.

"I set 2 cards face-down and Set 1 monster face-down. End Turn".

"Hahaha chickening out already? I draw. I Summon Pain- Akatsuki Leader face-up in Attack Mode. Set 1 card face-down, end turn".

"No Im not chickening out, im just ready to see you loose. I draw. Activate 'Foolish Burial' and send 'Ancient Gear Knight' to the graveyard. Activate 'Ancient Gear Workshop' and add 'Ancient Gear Knight' to my hand. I flip 'Armed Ninja' face-up and destroy your face-down card. End Turn"

"Hahaha leave a 300 ATK monster, you think thats gonna beat me? I draw. I summon Deidara face-up and send 'Cloudian- Smoke Ball' to the graveyard to Special Summon 1 "Clay Bomb" token. Battle Phase. I attack with Pain-Akatsuki Leader."

"Activate 'Negate Attack'."


more coming soon....

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