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The Spirits of Duel Academy (OOC) (PG-13) (Started/Not Accepting) "We're Decent!"

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[center][u][b]Note[/b][/u]:[i]This is a remake of a remake (Remakeception!) of a fantastic RP. I fell in love with the concept, and now, with the help of Justice Master, I am finally reviving this RP. I want to give thanks to Hellequin and Deception Shockwave, the original makers of this idea. Thank you.[/i][/center]

[center]IC: [url="http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/268899-the-spirits-of-duel-academy-ic-pg-13-not-startedaccepting-were-decent/"]http://forum.yugiohc...ng-were-decent/[/url][/center]
[spoiler='Plot']Duel Academy. Many years ago, as Duel Monsters completed its first decade as a revolutionary card game that took the world by storm, Duel Academy started out as a grand experiment to create professional duelists from the lowliest of players. The outstanding success of the first Duel Academy, built on a remote Pacific island, spawned off an entire network of schools across the planet, most in major cities, while others are assigned to different regions. But the original Duel Academy has remained more or less the same, even after all of these years. Even though the students have passed through the school are only there a few years, the campus has been renovated a few times, but merely to replace decaying sections or upgrade the dueling systems. The dorms and other buildings are still there, albeit with more modern conveniences, and students still have to wear the same uniform.
However, another thing that has remained constant is the presence of Duel Monster Spirits. Due to the Academy's position on top of a major ley line intersection, the boundary between the Human World and the Spirit World is weak, allowing for Duel Monster Spirits to pass through and disguise themselves as human. While in human form, they do not have access to any of their powers, but they may switch whenever they wish. However, any visiting spirits have all vowed to never let a human see them change into their true form and back again, even if the human can see Duel Monster Spirits.
This combination of human and Duel Monster Spirit students and teachers leads to a very diverse population.
[spoiler='Previous Plot Arcs']
As the roleplay hasn't even started yet, there are no previous plot arcs.
[spoiler='Current Plot Arc']Three Duel Monster Spirits have grown quite tired of their kin being used as pawns for a simple human's game. It's been frustrating them for decades, and they have finally managed to acquire the means to defeat the 'human oppressors' once and for all. Hidden behind the Duel Academy, on the opposite side of the volcano that rises high above the school, is an ancient building holding the Malevolent Mutation Mechanism, or 'M3', an Orichalcum-based device that was used during the Atlantean War 10,000 years ago. The M3 has the ability to broadcast an Orichalcum-powered energy wave that will transform all humans not wearing an Orichalcum stone into ferocious beasts, allowing for Duel Monster Spirits to finally become the dominant species of both worlds, whether they want to or not. Furthermore, the device emits a wave of energy that gradually turns any human nearby into a monster, while empowering any Duel Monster Spirits in its presence. However, the device requires 7 souls, each one based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins, to be activated. Fortunately, such souls can easily be found at the Academy nearby. Little do the rebellious Duel Monster Spirits know that the M3 has much more sinister motives of its own...
Remaining Sins:
0. iCherry and Justice Master are co-hosting.
1. YCM Advanced Clause.
2. NO Power-drawing, power-playing, god-modding, blah blah blah...
3. NO shortposts, and Grammatical/Punctuational Competency is a must.
4. You can have 500 characters in this if you want. If they are not all active, that's when we'll have a problem. On that note, BE ACTIVE.
5. Please stick to canon cards, but if you must use customs, they will have to be cleared with one of the staff.
6. 4000 Life Points is the standard, but in special occasions, like Boss Battles or Tag Duels, this can be modified.
7. Well, since it appears the new people cannot get ages correctly, here is a guideline:
Freshman: 14-16
Sophomore: 15-17
Junior: 16-18
Senior: 17-19
Teacher: 23+
8. Please be detailed. The bare minimum is not acceptable. Also, please be original with your characters and apps.
9. This is PG-13. Stuff will happen that isn't for kids. You have been warned.
10. Have fun! No, really. I may be a bit strict in here, but this is still a roleplaying GAME. So have fun with it! ^_^[/center]
[spoiler='Apps']Remove all brackets.
[spoiler='Human App']Name:
Gender/Age: (Also say whether you are a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Teacher)
Bio:(4 lines minimum)
Appearance:(Pic or Discription)
Personality:(2 lines minimum.)
Deck Type: (Do not give full deck list)
[spoiler='Spirit App']Card Name/Name as Student:
Gender/Age: (Also say whether you are a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior)
Bio:(4 Lines minimum)
Appearance:(What they look like as a human. Pic or Discription.)
Personality:(2 Lines minimum.)
Ability: (Does not have to do with the card's effect. Normal Monsters can have a totally made up one. Nothing too powerful.)
Deck Type: (Do not give full deck list)
Reason For Coming to the School:
[center][spoiler='Accepted Apps'][/center]
[center][spoiler='Obilisk Blue'][/center]
[center][spoiler='Koten*s App']Name: Hachi [八]
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Bio: Hachi views the world filled with sin and chaos, going as so far to call it Hell's Sanctuary. Much of Hachi's history is unknown, and most records of him are entirely gone. He is currently searching for seven people, though his motives are unknown, as well. When Hachi first came to the Duel Academy, he saw all the evil there was. He figured this was the place. The place to find the seven. And the place for him to become God of the World.
Appearance: Standard Obelisk Blue Uniform, but without sleeves.
Personality: Playful, sadistic, laughs at people's pain. Loves to see people suffer, and enjoys inflicting pain upon people.
Deck Type: Embodiment [Currently no deck list, will add if needed]
Dorm: Obelisk Blue Teacher
Sin: None
[center][spoiler='Hundera*s App']Name: Clark
Gender/Age: M 16 Freshman

Bio:Having to earn his parents trust to enter the Academy, Clark worked at a card store to show that he was responsible enough to take care of himself. He is never seen without his Dragon Deck, and ready to put his skill up against anyone. He's never played any other opponent then the shop owner and his friends so he has no idea how strong his deck is against a better duelist. Against his friends he has not lost a duel against them, the Shop owner he always loses but that never stops him from dueling him again saying "Next time I will win."


Personality: Overconfident to put it bluntly. Not afraid to get a friend out of trouble he stands up for everyone, even those he doesn't like that much. The shop owner thought him to believe in his deck and the "Heart of the Cards" holding this close in mind every time he duels. He always has a smile on his face except when he's serious then he has a grin on his face.

Deck Type: Dragon

Dorm: Obelisk

[center][spoiler=White Hollow'*s App']Name: Aen Idaku(Literaly meaning Zinc Embrace)
Gender/Age: Senior, 16, Male
Bio:Always wanting to join the duel academy and make friends, he embarked on the journey when he was 12. He rose through the ranks and dorms and now, beign an Obelisk Blue, he is willing to help resolve the problem. At all costs. However,after beign corrupted by the spirit of Lust that emerges in critical moments when dueling he is trying to abandon his carrer, afraid of what he might do. He is trying to gain control and erase the evil.
Appearance:Imagive Bakura(same face/color of hair) but hair short as Zane's. Standar obelisk blue outfit, white with blue outline. Alter ego looks more corrupted and has orange eye color.
Personality:Serious and calm. He is antisocial and makes very little friends. His alter ego has a superiority complex and treats opponents in duels brutaly.
Deck Type: Junk based deck. Ace card is Junk Archer.
Dorm: Obelisk Blue
[center][spoiler='kinglion73*s App']
Name: Tyson Hart
Gender: Male
Age: 14(freshman)
Bio: Tyson was born in to your average middle class family. As a kid Tyson took up a liking of duel monsters. Tysons parent did all they could to get him in the best schools they could afford due to this Tyson came to the conclusion that he could not lose a duel for his family’s sake. Tyson won most of his duals at his grade school. Tyson passed the written exam with relative ease. During his entrance exam he beat the proctor using the sanctuary in the sky and fountain in the sky combo.
Appearance: He has black laid down hair and red eyes. He also wears his uniform like Chazz wore his.
Personality: Tyson is calm collected and great with people outside of the duel. When Tyson duels he duels almost completely opposite of the way he is outside of duels. Tyson will sometimes to protect his friend even if it means he will die.
Deck Type: Lost sanctuary
Dorm: Obelisk blue
[center][spoiler='Ra Yellow'][/center]
[center][spoiler='Time Psyduck*s App']Card Name/Name as Student: Jenis, Lightsworn Mender/"Jenny"
Gender/Age: Female/14 - Freshman
Bio: Jenis is one of the youngest of the Lightsworns. It's not known where she came from, but she was found amongst the survivors of a battle against a dark force. She joined the Lightsworns late in their war, providing reinforcement at a crucial stage. Some time after the battle, they heard rumours of another Darkness, related to a human duel monsters school. Jenis was the one able to manifest as a human most easily, and coincidentally was the one most interested in learning about humanity and how they live. Thus she was sent to the academy, with a deck containing the spirits of her allies, to investigate these rumours.
Appearance: Similar to her card art, although younger-looking, and less developed. She wears a white shirt and long skirt, with either a white jacket or her academy uniform over it.
Personality: Jenis is somewhat immature, and very inquisitive, wanting to find out about anything and everything she can. She's friendly and rather open - or at least it would seem that way, but she is good at hiding her true identity. She is also a little insecure, but when she needs to be she can become rather serious.
Ability: Can summon her staff (see card art), which can generate light energy with either destructive or healing power. Can also communicate with the other Lightsworns, still in spirit form.
Deck Type: Lightsworns
Reason For Coming to the School: To investigate The Darkness, to learn about humanity.
Dorm: Ra Yellow
[spoiler='Deceitful King*s App']Name: Haku Purotekuta

Gender/Age: Male 16[Junior]

Bio: Haku was the heir to a throne of power back in his country and is known by a lot of people for declining the throne and walking away from it. He lives alone in his dorm and has refused to wear a uniform or have a roommate. His social skills are to be desired because of the sheltered he lived as a kid up until two years ago. During the summer months he serves as the protector of his uncle, the duke of his country, mainly because his uncle was the person who had raised him being neglected by his father and having no mother. His family regards him as a failure for his lack of aptitude in everything that's not dueling. Haku only has admiration for one person and that is his older sister.

Personality: Very kind but not sociable; Haku is quite in class but when he opens up to someone he is a very funny and loud person. Has problem with authority and doesn't get along with others. He's very clever and gets excited when he duels.
Deck Type: Photon Deck
Dorm: Ra Yellow
Sin: N/A
[spoiler='kinglion73*s 2nd App']
Name: Alyssa Storm

Gender: Female

Age: 15(sophomore)

Bio: She was born in to an average family with average money. She spent her younger years trying not to get in any trouble. The year before she joined the academy she met Tyson at his school. She passed the writhing exam with the highest score of her class. Her actual duel was almost opposite of her written test she was able to pass. In her first year she had the best written grades in her class and won some duels. She spent most of her time study ing trying to avoid interaction with other people.

Appearance: she has long white hair; she also has a long sleeve uniform. She also wears long boots. She also has blue eyes.

Personality: she is shy and is not the best around people. She hates having to bring attrition to herself. She also has issues when it comes to dueling an obelisk blue. She is able to relax around friends.

Deck Type [url="http://forum.yugiohc...64-hunter-deck/"]http://forum.yugiohc...64-hunter-deck/[/url] or warrior strike if hunter deck is over powered

Dorm: Raw Yellow
[spoiler='galesonic*s App']
Name: William Dorson III

Gender/Age: Male, 18, Freshman

Bio: William was a rich kid most of his life, mostly because his father owned a very famous duel casino known as "The Duel Club". He had his first deck from a worker at the casino, which was a very weak warrior deck. But as time grew forward, that same worker kept getting him stronger cards, now with machines and the occasional random type of monsters for support. A year before he got to Duel Academy, the worker was fired for cheating during his game. During the week before he was to leave for Duel Academy, he was given a new set of cards and a new Duel Academy Duel Disk by mail from his old friend and a note saying 'Just because a deck is strong, doesn't mean that it can fall like a weak one.' Now at Duel Academy, he wants to know for a fact that his deck is strong enough to take on the best.

Appearance: William has pale-like skin and is sort of skinny for his age. He stands at a height of 5 feet, 4 inches tall with light green eyes and short black hair. At the academy, he wear a yellow blazer with black denim jeans and white sneakers. Outside of the academy, the blazer is changed to a red shirt

Personality: William, though he seems like a typical rich kid, is actually smarter than he appears. Since he learned from his friend about dueling his carefully chooses his cards and analyzes the situation before he goes all in and take the pot.

Deck Type: Machine mixed with different other types of monsters

Dorm: Ra Yellow

[spoiler='Time Psyduck*s App']
Card Name/Name as Student Teacher: Sillva, Warlord of Dark World/Silver Doyle
Gender/Age: Male/Technically immortal, looks to be 38
Bio: Sillva is one of the lords of the Dark World, who lead armies into endless battle against both each other and even more horrific things that dwell beneath his world's lightning-lit skies. Of the lords, Sillva was the least physically powerful, but no less fear-inducing - whilst the other lords dominated battle with raw destruction, Sillva was a master strategist, and planning ahead was able to put the foe at such a disadvantage that few would survive his arrival at a battle. The most human of the lords, it is rumoured he was once a human, a soldier who came through the gates into the dark world, and rather than perishing in the desolate lands, thrived to dominate the inhabitants.
Centuries passed in unending conflict, as whenever a lord died he would be resurrected to fight on. All that changed when the citizens of Dark World were bound to a human game. Suddenly, anyone who fought could be revived, not just the lords. The world fell into chaos - demons of another world arrived only to be cut down as they proclaimed themselves beings of good, a portal opened in the skies, new beings emerging from it, which were captured and used as weapons, and the ancient Dragon Lord, who had slept for an age of the world, awoke to shake ancient battle lines. In the midst of it all, the lords came to an agreement - the influence of the human world must be removed, by any means possible. The Cathedral offered a chance, and to enact the plan Sillva, as the most human of the lords, came to duel academy, to find the spirits. He has been in the school for a few years now, integrating, so that no-one will suspect him of anything...
Appearance: Sillva, as a human, is very tall, at least 6' 6", and rather broad, seemingly to be entirely muscle. Much of what makes him look inhuman is actually armour; which gives him the demonic appearance of the other lords. His skin is usually grey, the only sign he is not human beyond a slightly odd facial structure, but both of them are covered by a magic which makes him look entirely human. His eyes are grey and small, and his hair, moderately short, looks to be black just beginning to grey with age.
Personality: Sillva is cold, calculating and ruthless. That he is willing to kill is apparent, but he will kill innocent people if it will achieve his goals. However, as Silver Doyle, schoolteacher, he can be caring and considerate, always willing to listen to students and help with their problems. It is of course just an act, but he plays it so well almost no-one would be able to tell otherwise.
Ability: If killed by something physically part of the human world, he will return to life within a few minutes.
Deck Type: Dark World
Reason For Coming to the School: To find those with Sin Spirits
Dorm: Ra Yellow Teacher (this is still open right? If not he can just be another teacher not connected to a dorm)
[spoiler='Jack*s App']
Name: Jack Wolf
Age: 16 (Junior)
Bio: Jack was born to a rich family. His Uncle was a Professor at a Dual academy in America, So he started dueling at an age of 7. After his Uncle passed away he possessed his uncles Ancient Gear deck. Beacause of being entrusted to dueling at a such young age, he was exceptionally good at dueling. At age 13 he himself collected his own deck of his dream, Dinosaurs rage. Because he was good at studying he passed the Exam easily and went to Ra Yellow. He has leaved the DA an strong impression by defeating his tester. After entering Dual Academy he started to reboot his formal deck, the Ancient Gear deck by adding some Machina Mayhem cards. He has been know to be extremely careful about his cards. He usually goes to america for like 1 to 2 weeks and come back with cards to boost his Decks. His role model is Cyrus Truesdale and his favortite teacher is Mrs.Misawa.
Appearance: Asian, black regular hair. black eyes, 169cms, Never wears his uniform, only his Orange (RX7 Veilside Rocks T-shirt) Necklace: Nissan Logo
Personality: Outgoing, always likes to make new friends, Really dosent care about losing or not, but prefers to win. He is definately is NOT cold, Makes jokes, he can be serious, Loves Cars. He is really kind but in duels he is Cunning and ruthless. he wants to go to Obelisk Blue, Badly. He loves to duel and enter Duel contests.
Deck Type: Dinosaurs Rage Deck or Ancient Gear Deck
Dorm Ra Yellow
[spoiler='JonahHex125*s App']
Name:Zanza Kotsuzuka
Gender/Age:Freshman / 16 / Male
Bio:Zanza is a part of the great Kotsuzuka family. This family is known for their dueling prowess and their preferred Zombie decks. After Ghost"Bonz"Kotsuzuka was banished to the Shadow Realm by Bakura during the Battle City tournament, the family has been in disgrace as far as the dueling world is concerned. Zanza, the next heir to the family, decided to hone his skills at Duel Academy. However, upon watching Aen Idaku duel, and seeing his skill, the spirit of Envy crept into his soul. He also wants to defeat Aen because of his resemblance to Bakura.
Appearance:http://media.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/68640/d7fd90e5.jpg?=123Personality:Zanza is usually a loner. He loathes that Aen has friends, when he looks just like the man that disgraced his family. When the spirit takes over, his personality takes a 180. He becomes loud, arrogant, and constantly throws insults at his opponents.
Deck Type: Undead Arising
Dorm:Ra Yellow
[spoiler='Reina Soho*s App']
Name: Atsuko Suarez
Gender/Age: 15 (Sophomore)
Bio: Atsuko arrived at the beginning of the summer, and took the school's special accelerated summer course, allowing her to bypass a year. However, her scores meant that she got bumped up into Ra Yellow, causing much despair on the part of the supposedly Argentinean/Japanese girl. She is now attempting to do anything in her power to be demoted back to Osiris Red so her clothes will finally match, but her antics might lead to her getting expelled instead. For some odd reason, she doesn't really like to talk about her past, though the fact that she occasionally curses in Spanish, Chinese, and a few other dialects means she has gotten around.
Appearance: Atsuko is a total tomboy, simple as that. She has blue eyes that can seem purple in the correct lighting. Her hair is crimson and pulled back with a black scrunchy, though it causes the hair to stick out like a pineapple, though some strands are loose. Her body is lithe and skinny, though she doesn't have breasts yet, much to her chagrin. She wears a mixture of clothing from different famous duelists, possessing Yugi's leather collar, but red, Jaden's shoes, though with black sections, Yusei's undershirt, but with the colors reversed, Yuma's belt and deck holder, albeit gold, the Tag Force Player's jeans, but grey, and a Ra Yellow jacket that she usually keeps unbuckled. She actually hates her current attire, and longs to be back in Osiris Red, where her clothes didn't clash so much. Her Duel Disk is a red Duel Pad, though she doesn't need the D-Gazer to duel. She also wears an old golden brooch with a perfectly circular green emerald in the center that has some sort of odd symbol that faintly resembles an eclipse. The gem in the brooch is known to glow on occasion.
Personality: Rambunctious and hot-headed, Atsuko is rather impulsive and unruly, being a bit of a delinquent. Fortunately, she has a great set of morals, though she isn't the best one to follow those morals. She also despises and loathes girly things. But mainly, her goal is to return to Slifer Red so she may have her awesome red uniform back again.
Deck Type: Wind-Up Swarm/Beatdown
Dorm: Ra Yellow
Sin: Envy
[spoiler='Slifer Red'][/center]
[center][spoiler='My App'][/center]
[center]Name: Dalst Riley
Gender/Age:Male/16 Freshman[/center]
[center]Bio:Dalst had always been a mediocre duelist, but he'd always been trying to be better. He kept getting good with an old deck he made out of some okay cards and went to go and enter Duel Academy at 15. He lost the duel, and went home depressed. The day after he went to a Dueling Trivia tournament. The grand prize were one of a kind cards, secret at the time. Dalst, using his knowlodge of dueling, won every round and got the grand prize. Justice Soldiers. He started playing with them immediately. He became a much better duelist with them not because of the cards themselves, but because of the strategy, which made since to him. He comes back ready to get into the academy. He just has to.
Appearance: [url="http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20school%20guy/Werewolf_lover_Photo/anime%20boys/hotschoolboy.jpg"]Pic[/url]
Personality: Dalst is a guy who does what he says and says what he does. He'll try to be friends with people unless they fall into some selfish kinda way. And he hates those people. He duels for fun and he'll always duel. He hates homework and rarely does it, but can do a great job when he chooses to. He's ready to go to Duel Academy, and he'll make sure that nothing will stop him.
Deck Type: [url="http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/235858-cc-yourdek-justice-soldiers/page__p__4924851#entry4924851"]Justice Soldiers[/url]
Dorm: Slifer Red
Sin: Sloth[/center]
[center][spoiler='✪✪✪~Star~✪✪✪*s App'][/center]
[center]Jericho Riza
Gender/Age: Freshman / 17
Bio: Jericho has lived in the woods all his life. He trained since he was 4, becoming strong. One day his father taught him how to play a card game called, Duel Monsters. When he kept versing with his father he kept getting better and better. He still holds his first and one of his best cards, Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv 8. When he went to a Tournament the week before Duel Academy, he won Jinzo and Skill Drain, which help him with creating his Lockdown Deck. When he defeated his father, his father gave him his Cyber Dragon Deck. He knows one day he will need to use his Father's deck. Not much is known about his Gravekeeper's deck, except that he is still working on it.
Appearance: Brown Hair, Black , 6ft Tall , Very Strong, Emerald Green Eyes, Wears a black
Personality: Due to his Training and Respect of Nature, he shows a sense of Pride. He is very Competitive and protects people because he knows it is the right thing to do. He can be very cruel at some points, and is very quiet with most of people while in the Academy.
Deck Type: Lockdown
Dorm: Slifer (But sneaks into the forest to sleep there.)
[center][spoiler='Phantom Warrior*s App'][/center]
[center]Card Name/Name as Student: Jester Lord/Chester
Gender/Age: Male/ 17
Bio: Its uncertain exactly where the Jester monsters came from, some speculate they have been around since Toon Monsters dawned, but never made their presence known to others, not even other monsters. Being the lord of the Jester-like beings, Jester Lord decided it was high time for him and one other to appear in card form, his friend Jester Confit. During the great darkness, Jester Lord defended his home, but was gravely injured, and was forced to flee into the world of the humans, hiding in plain sight so to speak. Not a day goes by though that he doesn't think of the other Jester a toon monsters he had to leave behind. He hopes some day to return, to see the friends he had once again.
Appearance: Pic
Personality: Chester is a very laid back individual, and takes a laxidasical attitude towards any situation. He's calm 98% of the time, but other times, he laughs when he doesn't mean to, almost exposing who he really is. He doesn't mind a challenge but does prefer to take easy ways out of certain things if he can.
Ability: Can create illusions to get out of jams if the need arises.
Deck Type: Saturday Morning Madness
Reason For Coming to the School: Forced to flee for his life
Dorm: Slipher Red
Sin: N/a
[center][spoiler='iCherry*s App'][/center]
[center]Card Name/Name as Student: No. 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope/Imperia Kotei
Gender/Age: Female/16/Sophomore

Bio: Imperia is a “Number” Monster, special cards from another universe. This is the information humans received. In reality, she is from an alternate universe with other fellow Numbers and other special Spirits. It is similar to a higher plane of the Spirit World. Being able to oversee some of the events that occur in that world, she learned of Duel Spirits going to a school within the human world. Yet, knowing of how they're simply used for this card game in that world, why would they want to go? So they'll have a life among humans instead of their own kin? But why? She couldn't understand... she was eventually approached by her close friend: Revise Dragon after he also learned of this. He explains that one of the superior numbers have given them permission to go and observe the human world first hand by also being there as a human herself. This is solely because of information about a certain evil that threatens the human world, and it's by their own kind. Imperia was sent out with out Number Comrades to investigate thoroughly.

Appearance: Imperia has a rather voluptuous body along with long purple hair and red eyes, similar to her Monster Form. She also has a red '39' mark on her shoulder, as a symbol of who she is. It's usually covered by her clothes. When she isn't wearing her Duel Academy Jacket, she wears a small, thin, red sweater jacket. A cardigan, if you will. She wears this on top of a yellow shirt and blue jeans.

Personality: Imperia, by nature, is a kind woman who seems to respect most around her. Whether they be human, spirit, good, or evil. Outside of duels anyway. During duels, she is rather sadistic and goes out of her way to inflict as much damage as possible all at once, or prolong the duel to make her opponent suffer more. This mood swing seems almost non-existent while not dueling. ...Almost. It comes from any large amount focused hatred she can use on her opponent. Like a human who uses duel spirits “for fun”. She can also be very protective of people she comes to deeply care about, to the point of using her powers, regardless of consequences. Somewhat like a Big Sister instinct.

Ability: Can conjure up powerful shockwaves from her hand that pushes a target(s) away from her. The closer her hand is to the target(s), the more effective the attack is and they'll be thrown farther away.
Deck Type: Aquatic Masterpiece (Shark/Yuma Hybrid with more Exceeds.)
Reason For Coming to the School: To observe humans and learn why her kind is being used for the game. Also wants to learn why her kind is traveling to the human world to begin with.
Dorm: Slifer Red
Sin: Wrath
[center][spoiler='Koten*s 2nd App']Name: Kasahara, Raito
Gender/Age: Male / 15 [Freshman]
Bio: There really isn't much to say about Raito, other then his kindness towards others and his will to win. He was born into an extremly wealthy family, and had everything handed to him at moment's notice. He lived a life surrounded by money. After awhile, his parents decided it was best for him to go to Duel Academy, hoping to see him succeed further in life. Though he isn't a bad kid, he's quite loud at times, and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Due to his grades, Raito was placed into the Slifer Red dormatory, though he's about a Ra Yellow in duelist technique.
Appearance: [Look at avatar]
Personality: Raito is a great ball of energy, and it would seem he never runs low either. He hates to see people hurt or sad, and shows genuine kindness towards others. His way of life is all about duels, and he hates hates to lose. He also loves to be around people, and is hoping to make many friends.
Deck Type: Voltech [An Archetype I thought of]
Dorm: Slifer Red
Sin: Greed [Will Eliminate if need be]
[center][spoiler='Clair*s App'][/center]
[center]Name: Ayami Kotohari
Gender/Age: Female/14/Freshman
Bio:Ayami has enrolled in Duel Academy as a pawn to the Spirit's wishes, unbeknownst to her. She believes that her mother and father are waiting for her at home, and more than ever, she wishes to fit in to her new school. However, Ayami, despite maintaining a slender figure, seems to always be hungry. She just wants to enjoy herself here at this Duel Academy, and is unaware of her role in the impending war between Spirits and humans.
Appearance: Ayami is short and slender, with blazing orange hair that she keeps tied tightly in twintails. Has a habit of puffing her cheeks out when angry. She has bright blue eyes and wears a cute red skirt that drops down to her knees. She dons cute heels and white knee socks. Always carries a camera with her.
Personality:Ayami is a hyper ball of positive energy. She always gets excited over the littlest things, but deep down, she cares for everybody that she meets. She has a weakness for cute girls, and when she meets them, Ayami becomes wildly perverted. Complains if her stomach is empty, always.
Deck Type: Happy Herald
Dorm: Slifer Red
Sin: Gluttony
[center][spoiler='Gigginox Master*s App'][/center]
[center]Name: Plague Dire
Gender/Age: Male/ 28/Teacher
[center]Bio: Having loved dueling all his life he decided to base his career around dueling. So after he graduated duel academy he decided to work there. It took a few years for him to get hired since he needed to prove that he was worthy enough to become a teacher there. Considering that many teachers wanted to work there and he was one of the few that was chosen, he is a good duelist. He has been teaching there for 5 years and is still always fascinated by the new students who enter.
Personality:Being a teacher he is expected to work until he can't no more and to be a role model. He is the opposite, he is very lazy when it comes to teaching. He dislikes teaching on how stuff works. He likes giving pointers when people are actually dueling. Most of the time during his class he gives free duel time. He isn't just lazy in teaching, he is also lazy overall. He does like to fool around though, even pick on his students.
Deck Type: Di-Ak(custom)
Dorm: Slifer Red Teacher
Sin: N/A[/center]
[spoiler='taffysboy*s App']Name: Leo Masaki

Gender/Age: Male / Freshman / 15

Bio: Leo is a very nervous duelist who most people dont know about because he is not from domino city or even on the dueling world ranking scoreboard list at all. He is virtually non-existant in the dueling community that he has arrived in, but he should not be counted out and be labeled as an "Amateur" Duelist. He has plenty tricks up his sleeves when it comes to dueling and he is very much a "First Impulse" kind of guy. He is finally living his dream by coming to this duel academy. Even though he is a new student, he is sure to make a great addition to the school!

Appearance: His eyes are grey as well as his hair and shirt. He wears long black skinny jeans and often is found wearing what appears to be fake "Cat Ears" On his head for reasons unknown. He is about 5 foot 6 inches and is extremely pale. His skin and clothes also show much wear and tear on them, as if he recently got into a scrap, or the clothes are just very old and worn out.

Personality: Very nervous most of the time around the people in Domino City and places where he hasnt been (For reasons unknown), He is a "First impulse" kind of person which means he rather go with his gut than with the odds (Even if they are against him greatly).

Deck Type: Switches between Six Samurai and Elemental Hero, primary is Elemental Hero. (Both his own Deck Recipes)

Dorm: Slifer Red (Will be Slifer Red, since he has not taken his test duel yet)

Sin: N/A[/center]

[u][b]Note:[/b][/u] Everyone, if you have an app from the last session, please confirm that you will be participating.

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Name: Milo
Bio: Because of Milo's extreme duel skills, he has been sent to duel acadamy even though he is only eleven. When he was 2 he was given his deck from his dad, Jesse, who also went to duel acadamy. Milo grew up an only child and was completely spoiled. He got what he wanted when he wanted. Milo lived in an apartment upstairs from a yugioh duel shop and always visited it. He got tons of cards this way and Milo also got cards from subscribing to millons of card companys who would give him 10 new cards every week each. Milos room was card collecter's heaven. He had cards every where, card binders, card cases, card deck boxes, bins full of cards, and he had cards all by themselves on shelves. The point was he had tons of cards. In his neighborhood were a bunch of kids his age and they always played together. They sometimes held duel tornaments and Milo often won. One day his best friend Snipness said something about duel acadamy and that night Milo begged his parents to go. Of course they said yes.
Personality:Milo is crazy, wacky, and fun. He is huge fan of yugioh and like I said before he has a huuuge collection of yugioh cards. Milo has many friends and is a very likeable person. He may seem nice and sweet and very beatable in aduel, well he's not. He is one of the greatest kid duelists of all time and he doesn't even know it yet.
Deck Type: Crystal/Diamond Deck
Dorm: Ra Yellow

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I be joining.
Name: Chikatsu "Ichirun" Senzotsu (Double Personality) Second Personality: Kikatsu Senzotsu
Gender/Age:Male/? (Claims To Be 16)/Junior
Bio:His Father Constantly Abused him as a child. At the Age of ten, He Developed His second personality. Kikatsu Ran away from his house, And was adopted into a foster house. he was adopted By a wealthy family just 3 month After taken in to the foster. His Parents enrolled Him to the Dueling academy. Kikatsu's Dueling skill Made him accepted to Obelisk blue.

Appearance: Black Spiky Hair With Green highlights. Wears The Obelisk Blue Jacket Unbuttoned. Wears a white shirt underneath it. He wears A tattered Jeans, And red and white sneakers. He wears A necklace that contains Kikatsu's Personality. He wears An eye Patch to switch personalities. Right means Ichirun is active, and left means Kikatsu Is active. He has Heterochromia, His Left eye is Gold and his Right eye is scarlet red

Personality:Ichirun: He's a stubborn guy. He usually does things first before thinking.
Kikatsu: He is a cold, calculating and ruthless person. He is also A prankster. And a thief.

Deck Type:Chaos Dragons. (lightsworn+REDMD+Chaos Monsters)
Dorm:Obelisk Blue

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Personality:Zeta is probably the worst duelist ever seen. But he loves Yugioh and he is also bad a math but he is good at reading. He is outgoing, smart, shy, and he has ADHD, so dont expect him to be on topic much as he barley ever listens or concentrates.
Bio:He ran away from home when he was 4 one night when his dad took his dog away. He travelled from Maryland to North Carolina with his deck and duel disk, on the way getting his dog back by using his duel disk as a boomerang. Now he had his Beagle puppy Battle Master. He got a job at a news stand when he turned 10. He eventually got enough money for a mountain bike that he learned to ride by himshelf. He then racked up enough money, a.k.a. 100 dollars (in 12 months) for a real sword so he could protect himshelf with. When he turned 13 he learned about duel academy, so he bought some rope and some wood for a boat to travel there to enroll, as it was 5 months into the semester.
Deck Type: Warrior
Dorm: Slifer Red

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Alright. New people.
@ToonChaos: Not accepted. I don't believe that your character could get into HIGH SCHOOL at ELEVEN. Especially a spoiled brat like him.
@SakeShin: ...And? He developed a split personality due to child abuse. Is that it? Not accepted.
@Clause: Not accepted on the same grounds as ToonChaos. Really? A 13-year-old Sophomore? Who is, and I quote, "probably the worst duelist ever seen"? How did he get into Duel Academy if he sucks so much?
I guess it's time to amend the rules.

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For the love of God.
I'm with Reina when it comes to the children entering Duel Academy, but at least Milo made some sense. Zeta has no explanation.
I won't go into the Split Personality guy.

Also, Reina, when do you plan to get this started? I don't mean to sound pushy or impatient, but I just wanna be ready.

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i know the bio should be longer but i'm dead tired then.

here's his continued bio:
Before he found a way to control his second personality, Ichirun Changes Into Kikatsu at Awkward moments, With Kikatsu Bullying his friends or Tricking people With Unfunny Pranks. This made Ichirun Hated by his neighborhood. Kikatsu Soon learned A new ability to make fire out of his bare hand. Fearing that Kikatsu is too dangerous, His adoptive father created a method to control Kikatsu. He Sealed Kikatsu's Soul into A necklace. As long As Ichirun Wears his necklace, He is able to Switch to Kikatsu at anytime. He lived in a separate house next to The obelisk blue boys dorm. the house has a 50 Cm thick Wall, and the door can only be opened By ichirun's voice. (voice activated doors) It was a precaution By The Chancellor at the request of his parents, To protect the other students from being burned alive by Kikatsu's power, if the seal became broken. Outside from this, His life at duel academy was normal.

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Name: Maiko
Gender/Age: Freshman, 15, Male
Bio: Maiko was born in an apartment lobby because his mother just couldn't 'hold him'. Since Maiko was born at that apartment his parents decided to rent a suite for life. The apartment complex he lived in was also a duel shop and thats how Maiko got into Yugioh. The shop sold the rarest cards and duel stuff but it cost a lot of money. That was no problem for Maiko because his parents were very rich and he got $50 a week. There were a bunch of other kids in Maiko's complex and they all loved dueling so they set up little duel tournements between themselves. Maiko had it made until his father told him to 'stop bugging him' and 'don't be such a pest' and sent him of to duel acadamy.
Personality: Maiko is very happy and cheerful but can get pretty mean. He loves to duel and is a pretty good duelist even though he doesn't know the first thing about combos. Sometimes he gets kind of weird and smart at the same time. It's really creepy. When Maiko is about to win a duel or do something great he says a random word he just happens to know.
Deck Type: Crystal Beasts
Dorm:Obelisk Blue

My first one was pretty far fetched.

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@ ToonChaos: Read the rules.
If you are going to RP here, you need to have clear and concise sentences with proper grammar and punctuation.
Not accepted because of that rule, but also because the app isn't complete.
And I am not yelling. THIS IS YELLING!!!

@ShinSuke: Because your character has a malicious split personality controlled by a mystical artifact.

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Name: Rachel Svendson
Gender/Age: Female, 14, Freshman
Bio: Rachel grew up as a kid completely loving the game of duel monsters. The first thing she said was the name of the King of Games himself. Over the years she went through the challenges of the cocky douche bags at her schools always trying to steal a Duel Monsters card in a duel. She'd be challenged everyday having to bet her best card. It took a long time, but she eventually made a deck solid enough so they would leave her alone. After that she never left from that deck. She knew how to run it perfectly. That's also why she then decided she wanted to attend Duel Academy. What better than to attend a school doing the thing she loves most.
Appearance: [url="http://www.animecrazy.net/forums/members/u272427/blazing-devil-albums-anime-picture131880-anime-girl-fav4.jpg"]http://www.animecraz...e-girl-fav4.jpg[/url]
Personality: Rachel is huge brightner. She just has this way of bringing out the cool in others. She can change someone from shy as hell, to one of the most epic guy or girl ever. She's a really great confersation starter and can continue anything that's being talked about.
Deck Type: Zombie
Dorm: Silfer Red

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Name: Kyo Miyazaki
Gender/Age: Male / 14 / Freshman
Bio: Kyo is the son of an archaeologist and alchemist, do to his father being away or teaching at a university Kyo took after his mother and began work into alchemy at a young age. Eventually he took up duel monsters simply because everybody did it but later found that it had unique traits of alchemy in it and went into researching it. Eventually he heard of an archaeologist who had done similar research named Lyman Banner and Kyo became interested in his work, unfortunately the man had passed away before any of his research became public so the only way to find his research would be to go to the last place Banner was seen Duel Academy. Kyo spaced out during most of the examination but did prove competent enough a duelist to make it into Slifer Red.
Kyo is a left handed duelist so he wears his duel dis on his right arm, on his left arm he wears an alchemist gauntlet similar to the one worn by Amnael. He normally wears the Slifer uniform with the jacket open and a blue undershirt.[/spoiler]
Personality: Kyo appears to be cold and uncaring about other people but in reality he is just super ditzy and his mind tends to wander thinking about his alchemic experiments and random trivia. He also will get distracted by a cute girl or a duel he finds interesting which is part of the reason he did so bad on his duel exam.
Deck Type: Alchemic Beasts (same monsters but with different stats and effects, some other new cards for supports)
Dorm: Slifer Red

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